have you ever been
behind the scenes
realized that life's a dream
and finally see
the lies in christ's teachings
have you ever been
so sad you can't breathe
so mad you can't see
or remember happy things ever happenning
have you ever had your past come back
and kick your your sorry ass
have you ever ended last
after trying your best
have you ever been neglected
from someone you once respected
have you been hurt or deserted
because you weren't perfect?
have you ever felt worthless
like you have no purpose
flipping burgers serving
the obese, drunk teens and seniors
while your boss is screaming
religious curses like "jesus! do more work!"
have you ever been hated and alienated?
hey, maybe every kid gets it
but let me ask just one last question
has if ever happened to you
in one fucked up afternoon,
would it move you to do shit
you used to object to
has as much as half a day made you reach
for your shaver's razor blade
when your legs and face are already smooth ?

i've stayed awake for days
waiting to wake up
scared as fuck to drift away just once
afraid, i can't take anymore pain
one mother fucking day
and my future's erased
it's useless to face today
with no faith in seeing my next birthday
it hurts me and i'm going insane
my brain's incapable of taking in this situation
please say with strict conviction this time
i am yours forever, and forever you're mine