i've seen a hating generation suffer needlessly
smiling baby faces turned away their love then started hating
i haven't witnessed a passing life
or seen a drive by homocide
but through the years since mom gave birth
since i lost my faith in god and her
i watched the crowds around me mature
i see the pain facing the kids
abuse, divorce, disease, the broken home rates increase
no frequent run ins with police
no petty beefs leaving me bleeding in streets
my hell's a little different from crack houses and jail cells

living's my incarceration
cause when you're raised alone in your basement
and you've been alienated
by your own fucking family
friends you thought so close could be brothers
turn into back stabbing mother fuckers,
interested in dollars
with no friend and no family
been abandonned and socially challenged
since as far back as i can even remember
there's no end to my level of sadness
cause laughing's only skin deep
if i could only show the whole world
what's really living in me
i'd be free from temporary relief

preheat the oven, getting baked
i'm being grilled beside the french fries
laying wasted today,
hope i make it to friday
cause that's when get paid,
get intoxicated one last weekend
then all next week we can do it again
i swear to god it got me this far
if i was never high i'd probly never stop crying
i probly would've lost my motivation to try
don't have a fuck to give
so i just give up and hug a bottle
grip my pipe and pack a bowl
just light away my deepest sorrows
watch me just get swallowed
by this fucking world with a smile