i'm tired of feeling down
tired of people seeing me cheerful
when i'm tearful enough to drown
i'm sick of being careful
obsessed with success
so much so i forget what's necessarily best
i'm tired of lack of rest
i'm sick of feeling drowsy
sleeping soundly's not a common feat for me
i'm tired of being disrespected
i'm sick of being rejected
cause i didn't act exactly like the rest did
i'm tired of hearing wannabes
talking about women's bodies
when they're obviously not the opposite
i've heard enough fucking jokes
about who is pure and who's a hoe
i don't give a shit if some dick likes other men
celebrity's lives aren't even closely related to mine
i'm tired of my attitude
i'm tired of believing in things that people don't understand
i'm tired of wanting to be different
i'm tired of wishing i was a simple man
i'm tired of locking myself away for days
shutting out the world,
then complaining i'm fading all alone
i'm fed up with paychecks that don't last a weekend
i'm sick of being misdiagnosed
not taken seriously since 6 years old
i'm tired of having to fold
being dealt the same hand
12 times and counting
i'm tired of not feeling at home in my own room
i'm sick of living as a sinner,
slowly slipping mentally losing grip
and all sense of morality
breaking glass and bat smashings
on random crap we drive by in our friend's dad's van
i'm tired and ready for the end
but my this is just my beginning
i'd be very impressed with myself
if i last till my biological passing