i've got thoughts as dark as this text is
my mind's as sharp as xzibit is restless
working for the machine
dreaming of being the operator
i fucking hate this shit it's just degrading
sweating every second for a triple digit paycheck
getting back less than the effort i invested
what's the sense in running in circles
working hard cause you're broke
and broke cause there's no time or money to grow
hope i don't go down the wrong slope
going down the wrong mountain blind folded
how should i know at 18
which way my career is facing?
changing lanes is dangerous
u turns are a waste of gas
better pack your suitcase cause we ain't goin back
this is crazy, we make kids in grade 8
make decisions that can potentially ruin
what's later stated as their dream occupation
but whatever, doesn't matter, fuck it
i'm nothing but another construction worker
if i'm lucky enough to get the job
i'll probly never get the respect
i feel i worked so hard to earn
never get a check with enough
left over to be more than i deserve