do you see what you're doing to me?
the cruelty of leading me to believe
you when you pretend to understand
you piss me off to no end
drive me insane with every breath
it's the small shit i can't even expect
considerate and respectful
i know i treat you extra special
you're still used to getting everything that you want
claim you'll change but don't make an effort
do you just buckle
to keep me in the seat
right next to you white knuckled
waiting patiently, that one day, just maybe
you'll follow through and not fuck up?
you do it on purpose,
it hurts that your promises
seem to be treated as worthless
when i put faith into this working
if you really wanted to be something
you'd at least stop fucking running
from all your problems;
i'll be with you to cry on
but for god's sakes try to move on
understand some shit just makes no difference
i believe vanity's indicative of intelligence,
it depicts lacking a sense of priorities,
but more importantly
consciousness of irrelevence
there are 4 million more reasons to be depressed
wake up and visualize
what life is like without the shit you cry about
you could still be in the very same place
stop walking life blind
open your eyes wide
and take in the essence of real life
for the very first time