All they want is for you to get old.
Go on with your life,
And always get told.
They think your always a lil' child
Just like years before.
But they know you are old,
And they wish you'd never go.
They look in the past.
And compares it to our future,
So we spend our lives in a never-ending torture.
They say your old enough to know what's right from wrong.
But they think your still to young to spend the night all alone.
We want our lives back,
Cuz' we're to tired to follow their tracks.
We learn from our mistakes,
And not from other peoples experience,
I know it sounds wrong to talk back to this people.
But sometimes don't you just want to let go
And have your own life back?
The life you've never had,
And was just dreaming about.
The life you wanted a long time ago before you had no doubts.
I know it's disrespectful to scream and fight back on their ways.
But can you picture life w/o those parents.
And then just imagine it now.
Wouldn't you think those we're the days?