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Now things you should know about this story..

What is a zeline ? It is a human with cat ears , and tail,. and sometimes whiskers .

What is Crescent Star ? It's a galaxy with all Zelines living there. The main character (Chucky is prince of )

Profiles of who's in this chapter...

Charles (Chucky) Tiger Star

Age : 59 earth years, but CresStarains mature slower so he looks like and acts like a 12 year old

Breed: Zeline

height: 4'8

eye color: light blue

Hair color : Black with blonde highlights .

Wears: Long Black shirt , that's very baggy. The shirt is short sleeved , and has a red dark line going through it on the upped chest part. He has baggy black jean pants, and white sneakers with a red line going through the side.

Chucky is the Prince of the powerful galaxy CrescentStar. Chucky is a very attractive young man, and secretly is the Neon Sorcerer . Chucky is very cocky , and sarcastic. He sometimes acts spoiled but ever since he got his powers he showed a different side. He showed that he can have a heart, and care about other.

He also has a small black star tattoo on his forehead, and one large black star tattoo on his left shoulder.

Chucky is the main character of this

Priss Mast Star

Age: 102 earth years looks like a 17 year old.

Breed: Zeline

eye color: Pink

Hair color: Long black hair with orange natural highlights .

Wears: Blue jean shorts that came down to just past the butt. Pink non sleeved shirt that cut off after the breast. She had a baggy jacket over it.. The jacket ended about two inches past her shorts. The jacket was gray.

Priss is a soiled , prissy young lady. She is Chucky's older sister. She is use to getting her way.


Ancient Secrets

Chapter 1

Episode 06 "A Illusion of Green"

Series: A Illusion of Green

Lonite 04 ,2001

(December )


( Four days after Zuekilen City disappearing )

Scene 1 "First victim "

( IN the far galaxy Crescent Star , on the main plant Cat there the princess stood on the balcony of the palace. Priss or the princess was stirring up at the clear starry night sky. Priss looked up at the stars gazed by there beauty. All 13 moons were visible , as she looked at them. )

Priss: (thinking )It's so nice out. I wonder where everyone is ?

( Just then behind Priss, the sliding glass doors slide open, and then as someone walked on the porch, they closed the doors behind them. Priss didn't bother to look back, she just looked up at the stars and the moons. )

Priss: Isn't the sky beautiful ? Who are you anyway ?

( Priss turned around to see her younger brother Chucky walk up to her. Chucky then put his hands on the guard rails , and then looked up at the stars and 13 moons. Priss looked at Chucky , and then looked at the stars, but then had to look again at him. She noticed Chucky's skin was all green. )

Priss: (thinking ) Weird , I never saw him ever have that type of skin.

( Chucky looked at Priss. )

Chucky: What's wrong ?

( Priss shook her head no , and then looked back at the stars , and moons.. Chucky still looked at her. )

Chucky: Nothing ? I somehow don't believe you.

( Priss then looked back at Chucky, and looked at him weird as her cat ears went down like )

Priss: Chucky , your skin.

( Chucky's eyes gave a mean little glare at Priss, then he looked at the stars . )

Chucky: There's nothing wrong with my skin.

Priss: Really ? I never saw a green little boy before.

( Chucky quickly looked at Priss, as he glared at her. )

Chucky: There's nothing wrong with my skin !

( Priss became mad, as she looked at her younger brother Chucky. )

Priss: Fine ! There's nothing wrong with your skin ! Just do me a favor and get me glasses tomorrow, cause I'm going colored blind.

Chucky: Priss , shut-up !

( Chucky signed, as Priss looked back at the stars .)

Chucky: Priss?

Priss: (annoyed ) What CHUCKY ?

Chucky: What did you always want to be ?

( Priss looked at Chucky confused, as her cat ears went like ^)

Priss: Huh ?

Chucky: What did you always want to be ?

Priss: I guess I always wanted to be queen, but that would mean Dad would have to die, and after mom dieing I would hate that.

Chucky: Want to play a game Priss?

Priss: O..K

( Chucky smiled. )

Chucky: OK Priss turn around.

( Priss looked confused , and a little uncertain if she should turn her back to Chucky, but she did anyway so her little brother could play his game. )

Chucky: Good...

( Chucky then softly put his hands on her back, and then took them off and held his hands like a inch from her back, like he was about to form a beam.)

Priss: What are you doing Chucky?

( Chucky didn't answer he just smiled. Just then Chucky put his hands like he was holding a ball, as a black ball formed in his hands. As he pushed the black ball into Priss's back. The ball started electrocuting Priss, as she started feeling the worst pain anyone could imagine. Chucky smiled, and laughed evilly as his sister was being electrocuted. Priss then suddenly fell to the floor, as the ball came out of her body , and floated in the air. Chucky clapped his hands , as the ball disappeared and then looked down at Priss knocked out cold , or maybe even dead. He smiled, and laughed. )

(Theme song )



Hello and welcome to a new story of Ancient Secrets ! It's me Chucky here to tell you what's coming next. Next it seems like my girlfriend Spacea comes in , and ask where Priss is. I have no clue, so she ask Rusty. After getting it out of my talking cat, Rusty, she races to Priss's room. There Spacea will find more then just Priss. Read next time on Ancient Secrets !

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