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( IN the Crescent Star palace, Burneri was on his knees having his hands support him up, while Green Chucky was looking at him , and Rusty was just viewing the fight on the side of the hallway. )

Burneri: You have to powers of my father but how ?

( Green Chucky evilly laughed , as he formed a huge black ball in his hand.)

Green Chucky: I have the power of your future father by just looking at him. Now time to come into my little world .

( Before Green Chucky could do anything else a beam hit him in the back, as his black ball in his hands disappeared . Rusty turned to look who shoot that, so did Green Chucky.)

Green Chucky: Who did that !?

Rusty: Chucky !

( There stood the normal Chucky, as he folded his arms and smiled. Burneri weekly got up , and smiled to see his future father. )

Chucky: Sorry I toke so long. I just wanted to get my sword.

( Chucky took out his sword from his back sword holder, and swung it around above his head (to show off duh ! ), and smiled. )

Chucky: But believe me , it doesn't matter.

Rusty: I believe !


Chucky looked over to Rusty with a annoyed look. )

Chucky: That's nice Rusty.

( Chucky then looked back at Green Chucky. )

Chucky: Now ,you want a fight for people to play in your little world. Then fight me. I know I'm going to win, cause let's remember you only have 85% of my powers.

( Chucky smiled, knowing that he was getting on green Chucky's nerves . )

Chucky: Ready ?

Green Chucky: I was ready all along.

( Green Chucky lost control, and started to charge at Chucky. Chucky just quickly front flipped over him , and turned around to see Green Chucky slash nothing , but air. )

Chucky: Over here !

( Green Chucky quickly turned around , and tried to slash Chucky again, but Chucky quickly blocked it with the blade of his sword. Green Chucky then put his sword out of Chucky's block , and looked at him very mad. )

Green Chucky: You will die !

( Green Chucky started to front flip over Chucky, but when he was above Chucky, Chucky quickly put his sword away, and aimed his hands up , as a beam formed and said. )

Chucky: (saying beam )Neo continue fire balls !

( A fire ball beam almost hit Green Chucky when he was flipping, but he was able to land behind Chucky. Chucky quickly turned around , and aimed another beam Green Chucky. )

Chucky: Remember I said continue !

( The fire ball beam quickly hit green Chucky in the stomach, making him fly back , and land right in front of Burneri. Rusty was watching from the side of the hallway. )

Rusty: Wow .

( Burneri smiled , as Green Chucky (whom was laying on his back ) looked up at him , glaring. Chucky then walked up to Green Chucky , and when he got to him , he kneeled down, and put a hand on his heart. Green Chucky was looking at him confused, as his cat ears were like )

Green Chucky : (weakly ) What are... you.. doing ?

Chucky: Well just to tell you , one more move, and that continuing fire ball beam will be in your heart killing you instantly .

Green Chucky: (weakly ) Then what... what do you want ?

( Chucky looked at him with a serious face this time. )

Chucky: Two things, first I want you to get everyone you ever put in that black ball world out. Second , why did you come after me ?

( Green Chucky smiled. )

Green Chucky: I came after you cause...

(Green Chucky blinked )
Green Chucky : When you were a little kid, you use to be friends with my big brother, his name was Uopne. One day you lost control of yourself and your powers, because of your mother's death... making.

( Chucky shook his head no , and looked down. )

Chucky: Making me , be blamed for putting him in a coma..

Green Chucky: Blamed ?

Chucky: Ya , two bullies came up , and started beating on use, putting Uopne in a coma , and making it look like I did it all.

( Chucky then looked at Green Chucky, and put his hand off his heart. .)

Chucky: Then who are you?

( Green Chucky stood up, as in a flash, green powder surrounded the area, after the green powder cleared there stood a young girl, with green long silky hair. She had to be about 10 years younger then Chucky (making her look 11 )Her skin was light tan . Her green big eyes looked at Chucky, as Burneri, and Rusty looked at him too. )

Girl: I'm Zelluson Timedra . You can call me Zell. I never know that you were framed by Uopne's death, but I still don't know you, so I don't know if your lying. -

( Zell walked up , and shook Chucky hand Chucky looked at her and smiled.)

Zell: Sorry I kissed you like that..

( Zell got cut off by Rusty walking next to Chucky, and looking up to him saying with Burneri. )

Rusty and Burneri: Kissed ?!

( A sweat drop appear on Chucky's head, as he looked at Burneri, and Rusty.)

Chucky: It's a long story I swear.

( Zell looked at Chucky , and spoke again. )

Zell: Well everyone will be out of my black ball world when I leave. Prince Chucky Tiger Star till next time gat some rest !

( Zell stopped shaking Chucky's hand , and crossed her arms. )

Zell: I mean really it's about 3:00 in the morning now, and you are really grumpy.

( Chucky nervously laughed , as his cat ears went like . Burneri added in. )

Burneri: Ya dad you look awful too.

( Chucky's eyes widen as he turned to Burneri, and started yelling mad)

Chucky: Hey ! I wouldn't be talking ! You are up just like me , and you're a little grumpy too.

( Burneri just laughed , and folded his arms, closed his eyes, and smiled. )

Burneri : Well I'm not talking to you.

(Chucky nervously laughed as he say Burneri do that. . Rusty looked at Zell. )

Rusty: Confused ? I been living with Chucky my whole life and I'm still confused.

( Zell smiled, at Rusty and then looked at Chucky.)

Zell: Well I'm leaving.

( Chucky looked at her and smiled. )

Chucky: K, but remember to put everyone out of your world.

( Zell held up the peace sign. )

Zell: You got it.

To be Continue



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