I Must Run Now

Through bleary eyes I see the touch light
Beyond the panes I sense a danger
There are silhouettes of a hundred people
My Sister Moon would reveal no stranger
I must away, slip into the dark night
Would they go I should sleep till sunrise?
And with the day there would be some respite
Fly, sister, fly
Into the dark night that loves you
Into the darkness
Let not their eyes catch your shining
Out the door and into the night air
Oh, sweet Moon, don't betray your sister now
Across the fields not a glance behind me
The din so loud they must be upon me
Fast as the wind, just as fast as the Hare now
Where I a cat I would not act fearfully
Those stumbling men would be no match for me
Must catch my breath, must not let them hear me
Though my heart is so loud it would deafen me
Now a shout they must know where I lie
So to my feet and again I must fly
Rush through the trees, the thorn
While high above an owl flies carefree
Why be I here, I should be beside him
Ere will I go, they'd expect it of me