Have you heard them too?
Whispering their lies,
Flickering their eyes,
Is it true
That a moment can destroy?
Pain has built itself a shell
Around me.
Feeding on my soul.
I walk in the morning
Through the sun,
The road wending its way.
How far?
It is not a matter of miles,
How far can my voice carry?
Will the years let it through?
Can I call to my own future?
It melts away, sometimes,
Agony's shell disintegrating,
My heart exposed,
It cannot live without protection,
So it forms the barrier again.
Momentary sin.
I break my own rules at last.
I can talk to a stranger,
I can speak to the beauty in someone else,
I can show them the tears
Rolling from my heart.
If I fall in love with you
Will my voice gain strength to travel
To my future?
Someday I will wish I knew
What I know now.