It was honestly the breeze that made it colder. Folding over us like a blanket, making us shiver, giving us a taste of how cold winter is. It's only summer and they already want us to taste the bitter frost. Nature is holding us in it's promise of loneness and abandonment at the moment, and though everyone's eyes are staring somewhere, they all know it. It doesn't take more then a glance over all these people to detect that. No. In this sea of people and faces, no two touch.

We're all alone at this second, souls captured by the wind as easily as the Erl King once have must took his.

The clouds that hang overhead everyday are still there, blocking the stars from our view. There are to be no wishes made tonight. The only thing that blinks overhead is airplanes, taking their passengers back to a desolate place that some of them call home. Someone will mistake a plane for a star eventually, making a wish on metal and paint, a man made thing void of any real meaning. That wish will fall through, forever diminishing, waiting for mankind to grant it. But how could they? How could they be expected to?

They must be wondering why they're here. They have to be. Sitting in the dark at night, freezing and surrounded by so many foreign people. But the answer to that, though not as easy as the other one, is simple too. We are all waiting for someone, something, looking for some company to await the daylight with. They're all realizing that maybe being alone is less painful then being surrounded by strangers, each one waiting for someone to touch them and help them bear whatever pain they're facing.

Everyone wants the same thing, but it's hard for us to make sense of their struggle, much less identify with the multitude. The spell will hold until someone reaches out, or until the sun breaks through the darkness. And so we all wait out the night.