A Day in the Life
(4 All the Ballers)

I woke up at six with her on my mind
At seven I got off my ass, turned on the TV to watch some Recess
8 o'clock, I had to be to class
but I skipped breakfast and left a lil early
I was tryna do my thing, talking with this honey
Between 8 and 9, shit went down
She got with another dude
And I was assed out
There was break @ ten
And almost put a hole in the wall
I couldn't wait till 12 to play a lil ball
2 hours went by, the boredom took over
I started doodling shit
Damn, here comes that one chick
My heart beat a lil faster
It's like time stops
Why even waste my time?
Dime? Is she a Dime????
Nahhh... nothin' but the best for a G like me
It's 12 , Lunch Time... Game Time
Time to hit the courts
Cross some cats up, hit a J, pull a trey
You know how I gets down
After I ball, I see that mami again
Is she Rican, Dominican or Mexican?
I dunno, and I continue my stroll on
From 1 to 2 time flew
Half way to three we get out there
There's that mamacita
"Hey how ya doin, it's nice to meet ya? Ma, you got all the right features."
We flirt a bit, but ohhh shit
She already got wit somebody
"you had your chance girl"
and like n'sync I'm long gone
Three, 4 and 5 the day's comin to an end
Time to get some grub
Then I lounge in the tub
B4 I know it, it's 9 o'clock
Madden or Metal Gear?
What would you do?
By now, I'm tired as fuck, that's the truth
I met and lost a cute girl, all in one day
But it's just a day in the life
Oh well, is that wrong???
Forget it... life goes on...
6 A.M. the next day...
I wake up... and do it all over again...