I'm all alone, a soldier in this world
Dying isn't the question; it's about being young or old
It's so cold, this turmoil
So hard, this pain
Gotta stand tall time and time again
Gotta be a man through all of the shame
Yet again I'm on my own and alone
Standing on a barren plateau
Watching time streak on
Until mine is done, time will continue streaking
Leaving me, a lone soldier questioning god
Why me? Why am I alone?
Silence... no answer... god must be gone.
And I'm still alone,
A soldier I am
I survivor I must be
And a man is what I'm going to be
Fighting seems futile, because I remain by myself
Standing strong till my death
Then as fast as it streaked by
Time suddenly stopped... why?
Then I realized I'm never truly alone...
I saw my mom, my dad and all my true friends
Then I finally saw God. Damn! He never was gone.
He was testing me to see if I was strong
Then I no longer feel the turmoil
And over come the pain and strife
And I start walking into the bright light
Into something so imaginary, yet so real... a new life