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Episode 1

The Beautiful Tamer of Dragons:

A Girl Starts On Her Journey


Millions of years ago, when the world was still young, there was another dimension in which a planet much like our own exsisted. This planet held the lives of humans, winged humans, kind demons, human/creature hybrids, but the most important to this planet was dragons. This planet was called the Dragon Kingdom. At this point in time, however, the planet was in chaos. The planet's guardian dragon, most powerful of them all, and a large nine-tailed fox demon, also the most powerful and evil, fought for control. One was protecting it, the other wanted to seize it. This great battle streached for weeks, untill the dragon killed the fox demon, but died from his injuries.

"As of this, my last words. I bestow on this kingdom my life in a new being. The royal family has my blessing of their first daughter to be my reincarnation. She will have my powers, my soul, everything." were the dragon's last breaths, before his red eyes closed, and his breathing stopped. The king at that time walked up to it, and places his hand on the dragon's nose.

"Oh great protector, you have blessed this planet, and our family. Your name shall forever be Dragonflame." he spoke, and removed his hand.

***millions of years later***

"I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a deep female voice rang throughout the palace walls. This deep voice belonged to none other then Shenlong Allisie-Lenette Dragonflame, princess of the Dragon Kingdom. She was currently in her room trying to find two of her pendants. Shenlong was a fifteen year old girl with three foot long hair up in a ponytail by a white ribbon, she had soft tanned skin, and vibrant and lively violet eyes. She had on her usual attire, her purple tanktop belly shirt, faded jeans, a purple cloak over her shoulders, and a pure gold cross adorened her chest.

"Looking for these Shen-chan?" a smooth velvety voice said behind her. Shenlong hit her head on the nightstand she was just under, and looked up at the source of the voice with an 'ouch'. It was her twin brother, Cirus Danel Dragonflame, prince of the Dragon Kingdom. Cirus had pale skin compared to Shenlong's, dusty orange hair down to the middle of his back, and crystal blue eyes. He dangled two small keys in front of her face, each on a leather strap, Shenlong snatched them from his hands and got up.

"Thanks a bunch Cirus." she said with a smile. Cirus nodded, and smiled in return.

"You're welcome sis." he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Shenlong hugged him, and put the pendants on.

"Finally some peace and quiet around here...." a boy's voice said, it belonged to Shenlong's younger brother Altron Marshall Dragonflame. Shenlong glared at the small boy. Altron had his raven black hair pulled back in a small tight ponytail, he had tanned skin a tad bit more tinted then Shenlong's, and onyx colored eyes. Shenlong picked up a duffel bag and sling it over her shoulder.

"Shut up Altron. Bye you two." she said, kissing Cirus on the cheek, and ruffling Altron's hair the best she could. Shenlong was going to go on a adventure, a trip some people in the Dragon Kingdom take to see the world and get stronger. Shenlong was almost out the door when a sweet, calm voice called her.

"Shenlong." it said, Shenlong turned around to see her mother, Queen Tameshia Dragonflame. She wore her casual dark blue dress, her black hair hung down past her knees, and her violet eyes looked kindly at her daughter.

"Yeah mom?" she asked, shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

"I want you to take this on your journey." Tameshia held out a sword encased in a dark purple steath, it looked like a normal japanese sword.

"But.. This is dad's...." Shenlong choked out. Her father had died when she was a small child before her eyes. She was very close to her father, so his death devastated the girl up to two years ago.

"I know, but I know at heart he wants you to take it. You're a Dragon Master now, Shenlong. It's time you took the Dragon Sword as your weapon of choice." she said, Shenlong took the sword and puts it by her side and pulled the sword out.

"It looks brand new. Thanks mom." Shenlong sheathed the sword, and hugged her mom. Tameshia kissed Shenlong on the forehead, and Shenlong kissed her mom on the cheek and ran off out the door.

"Have fun Shenlong, and if you die.. When I find your body I'll kill you myself...." she joked, Shenlong laughed.

"Okay mom... Love ya!"

"Shenlong!!!!" a voice chirped, Shenlong stopped and turned to see her best friend, and her gardener, Marle. Marle has her orange hair up in a ponytail, her lightly tanned skin was almost like Shenlong's, and her sky blue eyes sparkled. She wore her white bellyshirt, white arm gloves, and white pants, her favorite costume.

"Hey Mar." Shenlong said, Marle smiled and clasped her hands together.

"Can I come?" she asked, Shenlong nodded.

"Sure. I mean, geez, just me and Alexander... I'd get lonely without you with us." Shenlong said, Marle squealed with joy and pulled out a silver crossbow and arrows. Shenlong sweatdropped.

"I knew you'd say yes!" she said, Shenlong sweatdropped again.

"You know pretty much every move I make. C'mon and we'll go get Alexander." Shenlong said, Marle nodded. She had a secret crush on Alexander, Shenlong's best friend.

"Alright!" she chirpped and both ran into the city of Dragonia, the main city of the Dragon Kingdom, down below. Shenlong's long awaited adventure was about to start.


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