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Episode 12

Goodbye, Dark Pixi

The Dark Battle Chapter Concludes


"You two! HOW DARE YOU TWO SCARE ME!!!!!!" she yelled, Daligon slamed one paw on the floor, the whole castle shook. The Dark Pixi shook so hard, she tumbled down the stairs that lead from the floor to her chair, landing on her face. Dragonflame yawned, and looked at the Dark Pixi face to face. She looked up, and was greeted by a pair of blood red eyes, peering at her. She squeaked, and scrambled to her feet.

"She's still alive, Daligon...." he said, raising his head back up, Daligon sighed. She glares and gathered a large amount of energy, sending right at both of them. Both flew back, she was surprised.

"I caught them off guard.... Cool....." she said, Dragonflame and Daligon raised and glared at her. Dragonflame opened his mouth, a large ball of lightning was gathering there. He shot the large blast right at her, joined by a flamethrow from Daligon. The Dark Pixi tried to protect herself with a barrier of her own energy. It held for a while, but broke. She took the large blast of electricity and fire, disinigrating due to the strength and power. The castle also caught some of the blast, catching on fire. Both Dragonflame and Daligon looked at each other, were once again surrounded, by the whirlwinds, and there stood Shenlong with her hair down and Chara with her hair down looking at each other.

"Uh oh....." they both said, before running from the court room.


Nathan stood outside the castle, well away from it. Marle and Alexander were still draped across Fang's back, lifeless. Nathan saw the castle burst into flames, and was shocked.

'Chara and Shenlong are still in there.....' he thought, fearing the worst had happened. He fell to his knees, crying, knowing Shenlong, the one girl he had loved, was dead.


"WHY DO WE GOTTA GET STUCK IN FLAMES?!?!?!" Shenlong yelled, jumping over the tenth flaming piece of wood from the ceiling.

"COS WE'RE THE ONES THAT.. GAH! KILLED THE DARK PIXI?!" Chara yelled back sarcasticly, nearly being squashed by a statue. Shenlong and Chara slowed to a jog, both tired from the transformation and running for their lives. They saw the gates that lead outside, bricks had fallen from the castle made a bridge across the moat. Both looked at each other and walked out.


Nathan looked at the flames, tears staining his tanned skin. He squinted whenhe saw two specks in the flames. He stood up, a huge grin on his face.

"Shenlong?!" he yelled, Shenlong and Chara appeared from the flames, soot smuged on them. Visible on Shenlong, since she and Chara no longer had their capes on, were three big scars. One on the outside of her left arm, another on the inside right below it, and a large one on the left side of her abdomen. She stopped, and smiled when she saw Nathan. She broke into a run, tears running down her cheeks. Nathan ran towards her, tears streaking down his as well. Chara smiled and crossed her arms.

"Nathan!!!" Shenlong yelled.

"Shenlong!" Nathan yelled, Shenlong ran into his arms and he hugged her, "Oh Shenlong! You're alive!" Shenlong hugged him and smiled.

"Of course. I've got a dragon spirit in me." she said, both looked at each other. Chara rolled her eyes, and walked up to Marle and Alexander, knowing what those two were going to do.

"I thought you had died in the flames. I'm so glad you're alive." he said, Shenlong hugged him again, and smiled.

"I'm glad to be alive." she said, looking him in the eyes, "I have something to say..."

"I'm all ears, shoot Shenlong." he said, Shenlong sighed, and smiled.

"I'm sorry for calling you a flirtaceous idiot before." she said, Nathan smiled.

"Don't worry, I forgive ya." he said, Shenlong sighed.

"And.... I have something else to say...." she started, not knowing how to say it. Nathan leaned closer to her, their faces comming closer.

"What is it?" he asked, Shenlong blushed.

"Nathan.... I.... I...." she studdered, "I..... I love you." Nathan smiled.

"That's all I need to hear." he whispered, then brushed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. Chara looked at both of them and nearly gaged.

"Oh geez...." she said, reviving Marle and Alexander. The blue glow around her hands faded, and Alexander's eyes fluttered open.

"Huh? What's goin on?" he asked lazily, looking around. He saw Nathan and Shenlong kissing, and nearly jumped out of his skin. "Woah! When'd them two get together? And when they gonna start breathing again?" Chara fell over laughing, Alexander looked at the castle, the flames dying down to embers, and blinked. "The Dark Pixi's dead?"

"Yeah... Dragonflame and Daligon killed her... And set the castle on fire on accident too." Chara said, then burst into another fit of laugher. Alexander looked at the sleeping Marle and smiled.

"At least Marle's safe." he said, picking her up and laying her in his lap. Chara stopped and sighed. Marle woke up and looked at him.

"Hello...." she said, smiling. Alexander smiled.

"Heya Marle." he said, she kissed him on the cheek and got up. Alexander blushed, and stood up as well.

"I hope you remember what you said..." Alexander nodded, and hugged Marle.

"And I'll say it again... I love you Marle." Marle hugged him and looked over at Nathan and Shenlong, who were still kissing.

"Get ya lovebird butts over here and we'll head on home!" she yelled, trying to mimic a line Shenlong had said to her and Alexander earlier that month. Both broked the kiss and blushed, running over. Chara laughed again when both tripped and fell face first in the sand. Shenlong and Nathan sighed, and stood up.

"Let's head home ya guys. Nathan, you're welcome to stay with me and Marle at the palace." Shenlong said, Nathan nodded.

"Okay! I know my parents want me out of the house anyways..." he said, rolling his eyes, everyone laughed. Shenlong summoned the Kokuei Dragon and got on its back, helping Nathan on as well. Alexander let the Leopard MS out, got in, and let Marle sit in his lap. Chara got on Shoushi, and they all took off. The catzins ran off, following them.


The Shenlong-gumi landed in front of the gates Shenlong, Marle, and Alexander went through to start their journey. They got off the dragons, and put up the MS, and walked in. Two friends gained on their journey, and two couples made on it also. They walked into the palace, Queen Tameshia, Cirus, and Altron stood their. Shenlong walked up to them, her cape over her shoulders showing her old scars, and smiled. Tameshia hugged her daughter, Cirus hugged his twin sister, and Altron stuck his tounge out at her.

"I'm glad you're back Shenlong." Tameshia said.

"Yeah, sis. I missed ya, it wasn't the same here." Cirus added.

"Yeah, it was actually peaceful while you were gone." Altron said, Shenlong growled. The two hugs broke and Shenlong started chasing Altron around.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! I'VE RISKED LIFE AND LIMB ON THIS ADVENTURE AND COME HOW TO BE CRITISIZED?!?!?!?!?! YOU'RE SOOOOO GONNA DIE ALTRON!!!!!!!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Everyone sweatdroped, then started laughing.

"She hasn't changed." Cirus said.

"She's changed a lot. In heart, spirit, and soul." Tameshia corrected her son. Tameshia, Cirus, and the other members of the Shenlong-gumi smiled, knowing that the kingdom was safe, and everything was back to normal. Well... As normal as it can get....


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