They claim to know to see
To have 'been there '
Dismissing my convictions
like bad smells in the air
I try not to cry
Why do they now hate me
These people who from birth
their sons have tried to date me
what difference does it make
now that their god is not for me
what more could it take
to return my life to me
am I a bad person? For leaving tainted light
am I a bad person? for backing down from a fight
it is my belief that violence is for the weak
but should I give that up
just so you'd hear me speak
its not my way sorry
if I must defeat you for your ear
I will not stay sorry
If I must break you
so you will be there
Why is it so hard for you to hear me out ?
If you're strong in your faith
How could words spread doubts?
If jesus still loves you ,
you shouldn't care your child died
you should be happy rejoice
he's in your saviors arms
what fear is there
he lives forever now
just a child, why cry ?
unless you're catholic
and its you're fault jesus died
I am sick of apologizing
I already said I was sorry
what else is there
Why should I be blamed
like I said I wasn't there
jesus was a good man
he made the right choices
for himself not me
he did what he did
you cant blame me .
this is my life imma
live it to the fullest
my choices reflect the world I live in
and I accept them one and all

don't hassle me with questions
know your convictions before you belittle mine
I am a Buddhist I chose the path that's right for me
I am alive and only I control destiny
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Chant the sutra
pray for peace