Spiritual Tragedy
It represents what this christ used to mean to me
A lord a savior deliver me from my sin
But damn theres so many where should I begin
Yesterday , I lied to a man on the street
he asked where I lived I said 2213
its right down on Mckneet
is this the kind of protection offered by my savior ?
tell the truth and be a victim or stretch it and survive?
Two hours later or it could have been three
I stole something that wasn't meant for me
A look , yeah I peeked and peered even stared
So what it wasn't mine what will u do ,sue ?
And bout a little after that I did the worst thing ever
I killed something and I know I should never
Murder isn't a pretty word but I do it any way
Its not a crime I like to sit around
I love to kill time
And a little later a while after that one maybe
I think I might have committed adultery
Yeah I slept with him
Who wouldn't he was cute and sweet
Soft and neat with little pink feet
Gave him a bottle and rocked him to sleep
He's my cousin there's no incest
just a pillow and a smile
he deserved it he's an innocent
even I do good every lil while
How many times, has the bible been rewritten
how many versions at the kings decisions
bent and contorted twirked reworked
translated and laymen-ized redefined to suit the masses
with guesses that leaves Moses with horns
slaves with tails Egyptians kings with exposed graves
how do you account for the loss of reason?
Where did the monks go when sentenced for treason
Only the holy could even read and write
What about the poor people who cry every night
Who would they pray too when prayer required cash ?
Where are the supplies my tithes go to stash
Where is the church when iam sick in my bed
Where was your god when I was left for dead
In a ditch behind First Christian Church
Attacked by the preachers son 'oh they're just having fun'
Where was he then when his church burst in flames
Canteen in hand I stood in front of the blaze
Where was this god when the police showed up
Afraid to approach the child with Satan's smile
Grinning as the blaze consumed all
Cheesing the whole while.
Spiritual Tragedy
That's what they labeled me
Its all I care to be in this democracy
When Christians have rights
All others have none
Hypocritical sinners 'they're just having fun'
Yeah ,until the table is turned
The knife passed lives last only a second for me
You slave to your god
While I control my destiny
I may die tonight but
I m forever coming back
I can end this hell
One step on the road to enlightenment
But my karma isnt right
So I step back
Cool down before the big fight