this is my real family
the reason that i'm still breathing.
the emotional bread and butter i've been eating.
don't feed me your cheap stories
i've been working since four in the morning
i'm more than aware of my situation
don't keep making light of my social life
those guys are my only motivation
they keep me in pace with the way life's racing
it's apparent you parenting needs careful reevaluation
the bitch you're faking's making me crazy
you keep complaining, but this is the way you raised me
you get what you put in,
you wanted to mould me to fit in with your friends
well i found my own support
this group known as the wenis for short
is my first last resort before torching stores
and snorting coke to cope with your shit
you think you're fit to parent all of a sudden,
like you earned it;
you did shit, i did it all on my own
don't pretend you're responsible
i'm grateful for your monetary support
but i owe more thanks to the court
i'm not sorry for the shit that i said
i meant every single sentence
you're the worst thing in my life,
if i could i would've left just like dad

i liked to lie when i was five
when we used to pretend i was a good kid
i liked the attention then of being someone different
but now i need to vent all i've kept to myself
and as soon as i changed,
where the hell did you run out?
where were you when i needed your help?
i stared down my fears and dealt with my peers
damn near gave up dozens of times through the years
but my friends and not you were there for me then
and the same goes for now
they're still looking out for my health
i love my friends,
fingas, paul and dan,
bryan brent carlin and
the love of my life, allison