i'm dirt,
worthless as sand
as abundant as carbon
after starting a forest fire
part of a chord with no harmony
a boring chorus or book without a story
i'm a faceless barbie
plastic but i'm not pretty
farming harmless weeds
and leaving the rest to feed.
harvesting in the spring,
and in the winter planting seeds
i'm a building block
with an oblong bottom
shit just won't stack up
i'm a ruler with no units
i could never measure up
what good's an empty basket
when they're free from
nature's manufacturing company
i'm a blank cd
no reason to listen to me
i'm champagne without the bubbles
and the wine without the grapes
i'm a crime without the authority
to enforce a law that isn't written yet
i don't exist unless there's sorrow
spreading all across the world
i'm helpless child crying
personified the cruelty of life, dying
broken shell or orange peel
protecting nothing but itself
useless, meaningless
destined for compost
no hope for growth
cause i'm already hollowed out