i'm trying to get a hold on all my insecurities
what worries me is only skin deep
which is really against my beliefs
it shouldn't bother me in the least
but here i am, sulking pittifully in a pool of my own misery
unfit to be preaching what i thought i believed
every thought i conceived of individuality
is being shattered drastically by feeling
this insecure about nothing
i can sit alone, turning sadness to angst
angst leads to vandalist pranks,
like faking bank statements,
igniting propane tanks
and bumper shining on the pavement.
dangerous games i've played when
i couldn't unleash some deep frustration.
now i'm changing pace in my methods
i've got a sexy red head
making every aspect lessen just to listen
it makes a difference just to kiss and
get possessed by her affection
it's hard to find direction
but in this mess of misconceptions
she's the best that i could ask and
better than i could have expected
i cherish every second we spend
helping, and holding hand in hand