Song of the Domme

Big man,
tough man,
full of pride.
I'm gonna take you
on a
long, hard ride.

No use to sceam,
no use to fight.
I'm gonna introduce you
to the night.
You only think that
you know sin.
I'll take you somewhere that
you've never been.

Hard man,
hot man,
burning with need.
You never knew that
you had the seed
that'd turn to submission
at the right touch.
Take it from me, babe,
you owe me that much.

Humble man,
broken man,
down on your knees.
Begging for mercy,
lifting your pleas.
I offer you freedom
with my chains.
Give me the passion
that follows the pain.

Quiet man,
sweet man,
peaceful and spent.
You never thought
that you could be bent.
Perfect contentment
now that you know,
I got you, baby,
and I'm not letting go.