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Chapter 2 of the Insane Ego Posse

Fred: Well... um... that was interesting. Might I ask what the hell was going on back there?

Berlin: Fred, honestly. Do you realy want to know the answer to that?

Fred: Well, no, not really.

Lasair: I'm beat... I think I'm gonna take a nap.

Berlin: Good.

Xavier: *is already asleep*

Berlin: I see that Xavier beat you to that. Are you two... you know... together?

Lasair: No.

Fred: Yeah, right! We could hear you out there!

Megan: *is completely lost* All right, who's with who? OP and Bob I'm sure of... I think... but what about the whole Xavier-Lasair-Tirialth thing? I'm so confused!

OP: *pats Megan on head* So is everyone else.

Bob: Can I have some string cheese?

OP: Whatever. *hands him some string cheese* Here.

Bob: *smiles* Yay!

Lasair: I'm not with Xavier. I am still very single, sadly enough. And I know that Xavier is, too.

Fred: Sure, sure. Believe what you want... we all know what they were DOING back there anyway. We don't need them to tell us. Now, if I may finally change the subject....

Berlin: To?!?

Fred: *clears throat and sings* OP and Bob, sitting in a tree! F-U-C-K-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby-

Lasair: Once again, how do you sit and fuck in a tree? It must be very - OOF! *gets hit by Fred*

Fred: -carriage. There! I finished.

Xavier: *rolls over*

Megan: Gasp! Fred finished his song finally.

OP: *rolls eyes* Big deal.

Tirialth: Oh, come on. You have to think it's at least a LITTLE funny.

OP: Have him do it to YOU. See how YOU like it.

Bob: *is eating string cheese* Mooha!

OP: *sighs* I HAD to get ther crazy one. I just HAD to.

Tirialth: Well, would you rather have one of them? *jerks thumb at Lasair and a sleeping Xavier*

OP: Point taken. At least Bob's straight... I believe.


Megan: Well, if he isn't, I don't think you'll be able to tell.

OP: I think you're right.

Fred: Lines? I may be the clinically insane one overe here, but at least I make sense... well... a good majority of the time.

Lasair: Yeah, a majority of the time. And are you guys one-hundred percent sure Bob's straight? I'm having trouble believing that.

Berlin: What? Do you think Bob's bi or gay? I think he's straight as an arrow.

Lasair: I don't think so... I mean... well... I can't tell.

Fred: I thought you were going to sleep!

Lasair: I was, but... I changed my mind. *shakes Xavier* Dude! Wake up!

Xavier: *blinks* Huh? Wha-? Oh, it's just you. Why are you waking me up? I was comfy!

Lasair: I don't care! I need someone SANE to talk to!

Tirialth: Hey! I'm sane! And so is OP and Megan - well, kinda, sometimes - and... well... that's about it.

Megan: I was gonna say, if you think Bob's sane then you need some mental attention.

OP: Not that she doesn't anyway....

Tirialth: Hey! *takes out arrow*

OP: *hides* Don't hurt me!

Xavier: You woke me up to listen to this? That's pretty pathetic. I'm going back to bed.

Lasair: *jumps on Xavier's lap* You're going to stay awake! You're not going anywhere!

Berlin: Aww! Isn't that cute?

Lasair and Xavier: *flush bright red*

Lasair: Well... uhh... I... umm....

Xavier: But... uhhh... and... yeah... I....

Fred: *bursts into laughter*

Berlin: They look so adorable!

Xavier: *pushes Lasair* Get off of me!

Fred: *contains laughter* Don't grab his ass! He won't get off then! *laughs hysterically*

Tirialth: *pouts because she feels left out*

Megan: What's your problem?

OP: I think she's jealous.

Tirialth: Whatever! Shut up.

Megan: *laughs*

Lasair: I'm going, I'm going! *gets a small smirk*

Xavier: I saw that! *hits Lasair's leg* Go do something!

Fred: *falls over from laughter* This is classic!

Bob: ORGY!

Tirialth: Oh God.

OP: WHY are we talking about orgies?

Megan: *shrugs* Go figure.

Tirialth: It's BOB. Bob yells random things at random times. But back to our other subject... what's going on?!

Lasair: What about an orgy? *jumps* Stop that!

Xavier: *smirks evilly* Stop what?

Lasair: *sits in front of Xavier* You know what! Stop it!

Fred: *sits back* *whispers to Berlin* They're flirting! Let's watch!

Berlin: *whispers to Megan* Isn't it cute?

Megan: *whispers back* Yeah... but I don't think Tirialth is too happy.... *jerks thumb over shoulder at Tirialth, who looks fairly pissed* This could get very interesting.

OP: *also whispering* What could get interesting?

Megan: *points to the pissed Tirialth*

OP: *looks from Tirialth to Lasair and Xavier, then back to Tirialth* *eyes get big* Ohhhhh! But... which one does she like?

Megan: *shrugs* Dunno... I guess we'll find out soon though... she looks like she's about to pop or something.

Xavier: *puts his hand on Lasair's shoulder* No... I don't know. Please tell.

Lasair: *turns red* Grr.... STOP GRABBING MY ASS! There... happy?

Xavier: *smirks and looks at Lasair* Not quite... but we're getting there.

Fred: *gets popcorn and whispers to Berlin* It's almost like a sick and twisted movie... I wanna see how it turns out!

Berlin: *eats some popcorn and whispers to Fred* Me too! It's getting so good! Right Megan?

Megan: *whispering also* Yep... things are getting very, VERY good.... *shoves a handful of popcorn in her mouth*

Lasair: What do you mean not quite? What else must I do?!?

Xavier: *pretends to think* I have a good idea of what you can do....

Lasair: *sighs* What?

Xavier: *leans forward* This.... *kisses Lasair*

Berlin: *whispering* Dude... is this the big finish?

Fred: Nope... that is. *points to a fuming Tirialth*

Megan: Ohhh... THIS should be good....

OP: Oh yeah.

Tirialth: What the HELL?!? *storms over to Xavier* All right, YOU have some explaining to do! *drags him a couple feet away* Okay, exactly WHAT THE HELL do you think you're doing? Kissing him like that... what the hell is your problem? *brandishes an arrow and shoves the pointy part about an ince from a very scared and confused Xavier's face* I swear, I should just shove this so far back in your eye socket it reaches the back of your skull-

Xavier: Woah woah WOAH, elf! *snaps arrow in half* What in the HELL are you talking about. So I kissed Lasair and liked it. *notices blushing Lasair* Why should it bother you? Not as if me and you are together or anything, so why should it matter to you?

*everyone looks back and forth between arguing people*

Megan: It's like watching ping-pong! *takes more popcorn*

Fred: Dude! We're out of popcorn!

OP: Deal with it. I don't think anyone is going to go get any more, seeing as the popcorn machine is in the other room and no one really wants to leave.

Tirialth: God dammit! You broke my arrow! God, now I have TWO reasons to kill you - you kissed Lasair AND you touched my arrows. NO ONE touches my arrows. Ever. I swear to God, if I didn't fucking like you so much I'd.... *trails off as what she just said and what the hell she's doing reaches her brain* Oh. Holy. Shit. *turns to OP, Megan, Fred, Berlin and Bob (quiet for once, amazingly) who are all watching, wide-eyed* Please, please, PLEASE tell me I did not do what I think I just did. PLEASE.

Megan: ...You did.

Tirialth: Fuck. *face turns bright, BRIGHT red* Don't tell me that.

Megan: *is hiding behind OP hoping Tirialth won't decide to take her anger out on her* Sorry... but you just told Xavier you like him... don't kill me. *ducks*

Lasair: *still shocked from kiss* Uhh....

Xavier: WOAH! Hang on, elf? You like me? Since when? Last I knew you hated me! So don't get pissed at me because I kissed someone I might like! God damn girls... they are so fucking confusing.

Lasair: *goes over to Xavier and puts his arm around him* What's everyone yelling about?

Xavier: *jumps* God! You scared the shit out of me!

Tirialth:: You! *points at Lasair, who jumps* You are SO not helping the situation! *Lasair looks TOTALLY lost* And YOU! *points back at Xavier* I... I... um.... *realizes who she's back to* Uh... well I... oh crap.

Megan: *whispering to OP, Fred, and Berlin* She needs to quit babbling incoherently and just get on with it!*

Lasair: *whispers to Xavier* What did I do exactly?

Xavier: *kisses Lasair's cheek* Nothing. You didn't do anything. The elf likes me... I guess... and she's freaking out that I kissed you. She also made an idiot of herself by admitting to everyone that she likes me. So now I'm just as lost as you are. *puts his arm around Lasair* So, elf. You never answered my question! Since when have you liked me?

Berlin: *to Megan* Ooh! This is getting so good!

Tirialth: I... I... I don't know exactly, okay? God, you're not exactly making this easy! I don't know how long I've liked you! I didn't even know I liked you until a few minutes ago! And then I had to run my big stupid mouth and let everyone ELSE know too, and that was the LAST thing I wanted to do! And now there's this big huge stupid mess and I'm not even entirely sure of anything right now and.... *sighs and looks at her feet, and her face is still red* I don't know. I'm done.

Megan: *whispering to Berlin* This is good... though I feel a little sorry for her. Would you want to admit in front of everyone who you like, including who you like?

Berlin: I could never do that.

Lasair: *goes and sits down* My head hurts. So the elf likes Xavier, who likes me, and I kinda sorta like the elf. But on the other hand, I sorta like Xavier. This is a really fucked up triangle... I need to lay down. *lays on the floor*

Xavier: *feels special that Lasair likes him* So now two people like me, but I onlu like Lasair. He's right. This is a fucked up triangle.

Fred: I personally want to know what Bob has to say. Bob?

Bob: Well... okay, let's see. Tirialth likes Xavier, who likes Lasair, who likes Tirialth and Xavier. Now, there's a few ways this could work out. Lasair and Xavier could end up together, but then Tirialth would be upset. Tirialth and Xavier's another possibility, but then that would kind of leave Lasair screwed over because he likes both of them. Plus, Xavier doesn't like Tirialth. Then there's Lasair and Tirialth, but Tirialth doesn't like Lasair - unless she's hiding THAT too - and Xavier's left out. I don't think there's really a win/win/win situation her. SOMEONE'S going to be left out. And just as a side note here, wasn't Xavier asking Tirialth - rather slyly, I might add - what she looked for in a guy not too long ago, when Megan and Berlin (Fred at the time) were waiting for the bus? Just wondering, but what was up with that?

*everyone stares*

OP: ...You can be sane?

Xavier: *stares at Bob* Well that's not something you see every day.

Bob: What? I can be sane... I just don't really like it all that much.

Fred: Woah, I honestly didn't think you would take it so seriously! *feels lonely* Now I know how Megan feels.

Lasair: *sits down* I still don't know why I'm in trouble.

Tirialth: Have Xavier explain it. Like I said, I'm done. *goes and sits in the corner, head on knees*

Megan: Finally, someone knows how I feel!

Fred: I don't like it! I don't want to be with anyone but I don't like being lonely! *pouts* I need friends....

Berlin: Would you be quiet, Fred! Xavier, tell Lasair why he's supposedly "in trouble."

xavier: *sits next to Lasair* Okay, here's the story. Tirialth likes me but is mad because she admitted it on accident. She's pissed because I kissed you and that I don't like her. You made her mad by saying that you like me, though I don't think that she enjoy knowing that you like her, either. So actually, this whole thinkg is just blowing up in her face and she does not like the fact that she can't control it whatsoever.

Lasair: *lays on Xaviers shoulder* Okay, that clears things up some. I'm still a little lost... but who cares. I'm not mad at anyone... but people are mad at me. Doesn't bother me all too much. *kisses Xavier's cheek and whispers something into his ear*

Xavier: *blushes slightly* Hehe... thanks for the though. Something for you to ponder *whispers something in Lasair's ear and kisses him*

Fred: Not again.

Lasair: *puts his arms around Xavier and kisses him*

Fred: My God this could go on for a while... Tirialth!!!

Tirialth: *mutters something incoherent and doesn't move*

Megan: Uhh... what was that?

Tirialth: *mutters a little louder, but still not loud enough to be heard*

Megan: Um....

OP: *sighs* I think I'll see if I can talk to her. I feel sorta bad for her. *walks over and sits down near Tirialth*

Megan: *blinks* Well this chapter's just been one odd... occurance... after another. The whole Xavier and Lasair thing, Tirialth's whole outburst, Bob being sane, and now Tirialth and OP getting along... at least, I think they are. *looks over at OP, who's talking to a seemingly very upset Tirialth in a low voice*

Fred: Will somebody STOP them?!? Grrr... *goes over and hits Lasair*

Lasair: You little fucker! *hits Fred*

Xavier: *walks off* I don't want to get involved.

Berlin: And on next weeks show: The triumphant return of Tirialth, the angry elf who will probably kill someone, and the end of Lasair and Fred's battle!

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