Title: In Given Time.

Rating: NC-17 / R (Depending on Rating ideals)

Summary: They were young, reckless and in love. (M/M *Homosexuality* don't read if you're easily offended)

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Enjoy the show.

In given Time

I sat in my parents' kitchen once again listening to my father yell at me whilst my stepmother stared coldly across the table at me. She had no idea, neither of them did. Neither of them knew what it was like to be me. Me- an 18-year-old boy, fresh out of school, living in Los Angeles of all places, with a step-mother who tries hard to make up for the poor attempt my real mother did at raising me. I'm not saying I hate her, Julia is a good step-mom and I get along great with her and she is good to my dad but she still had no clue what it's like being me. Me- A boy who spent most of his life being picked on by football players or cheerleaders, a boy who spent most of his time behind the bike sheds smoking weed with his friends, a boy who should be straight, but wasn't.

Yes so I'm gay. But that's not the reason he's yelling at me. They just found out that last night instead of being in my room for the night I had snuck off to smoke pot and drink booze down the local skate park with the rest of my mates. It hadn't been my idea. I was actually going to stay in for one night of my pathetic life but my best mate had called up and begged me to go. I had tried to resist, I had come up with about a million excuses but in the end he broke me and I ended up sneaking out my bedroom window and skating the ten-minute walk to the park. I wish I had stayed in now.

Yes my best mate- Draven Peterson Madden. He had been my best mate since pre-school, amazing blue eyes, lightly tanned skin, and ebony black hair that was slightly spiky, thin slender body and beautiful hands. His smile was amazing it could light up the grayest of days and his voice… well lets just say to hear it like hearing god himself speak. If you believe in that shit. He's a good guy, but Draven knows how to manipulate me into doing what ever he wants. I guess that's why we're such great mates.

"Ben are you even listening to me?" My father asked suddenly.

"Yes dad." I answered monotonously.

"All I'm saying is just let us know when you're going out, son." My dad answered and sat down next to Julia whose expression had warmed somewhat. "We were worried sick."

"I'm sorry dad." I answered. "It won't happen again."

My father nodded and stood up. I watched as he left the room and Julia set about making breakfast. I sat staring blankly into space as I tried to figure out what was the real point. No one understood what it felt like to be me. To be a screw up, a freak, a gay.

I first realized I was gay when I developed a mild crush on one of my mate's brother. I guess I should have known before that what with there being no sexual attraction to the opposite sex. I did what most people in my situation do, try and deny it. I hooked up with this girl who used to work with me but it didn't work out the way I planned. Instead of forcing myself to be straight I ended up pushing her away. We broke up, she left and I never saw her again. No skin off my nose but it only made me realize that there was just no way I was going to stop being gay. So I accepted it, but now it's my little secret.

"Ben honey?" Julia's voice brought me back to earth. "Draven's on the phone."

I got up from my seat and took the cordless phone whilst uttering a low "Thanks" and headed up stairs to my room.

"Hey." I sighed and collapsed on my bed.

"Hey." Draven answered in that quiet casual tone of his. I hated it. No actually I loved it I just hated him using it when he knew he had gotten me into trouble again "So your parents found out huh?"

"Yeah no thanks to you." I sighed again and turned my stereo on, instantly relaxing when a Rancid track came on.

"Hey I didn't tell them." He retorted.

"No but you told your mom you were here and she called up." I pointed out why this was his fault. "Why didn't you just tell her where you were really going? It's not like she cares."

"I dunno, I just didn't feel like it." He yawned. "So I was wondering if I could you know, come over."

"I suppose." I answered and yawned myself. "Your dad coming home huh?"

He didn't answer that. Usually Draven wasn't a quiet reserved guy but that could quickly change when his father was mentioned. Mr. Madden drove lorries for big shipping companies for a living, which meant for the best part of time, he wasn't home. He also had a wonderful little hobby of using Draven as his living punch bag whenever he got chance. Whenever Mr. Madden was home, Draven would be anywhere but there for as long as he could manage. He did quite well actually.

"I'll be around in ten minutes." He mumbled before the line went dead.

I sighed for like the millionth time and switched the phone off before closing my eyes and listening to the music all around me. I knew what Draven was going through. I too had been abused just not by my dad. My mom used to sexually abuse me when I was little right up until I was about fifteen. Then one day in school I collapsed whilst in the middle of a chemistry class. When I woke up, the doctors told me I was suffering from exhaustion, extreme prolonged shock and some other shit that made no sense. They sent social workers in who asked about all the bruises I had and the cuts I had gotten. I had no choice but to tell them everything, Draven had been right there with me the whole time, his eyes red from crying. I hated myself for ages after that. I felt dirty, I still do but it got better with time.

I could still remember the last thing my mother said to me before the cops took her away. She told me how much she hated me and how much she wished I had never been born. Her words didn't really hurt me though for two main reasons. One- I knew what she thought of me years before and two- nothing could ever hurt me after what she did.

Draven didn't exactly suffer the same fate. He wasn't sexually abused, but his dad beat the shit out of him whenever he was drunk which unfortunately was most of the time. But then abuse is abuse no matter how you look at it. I could still remember the day I found out like it was yesterday. I had been home from school for nearly three hours; I had actually decided to get on with some homework when there was a knock at the door. I had to practically grab Draven as he fell through sobbing his face bloody and bruised. I had taken him to my room and demanded he told me everything. He cried the whole time he told me the facts and when I demanded to see the bruises he freaked. My heart bled for him every time he came to me like this and I wanted so badly to help him but all he allowed me to do was hold him and clean him up every time. It still didn't feel like enough.

"Hey." Draven stuck his head in and smiled briefly. "Julia let me in."

I smiled and made room on the bed for him to sit down. He plonked down and kicked his shoes off, stretching his thin arms and yawning.

"Ben would you move so I can lie down?" He whined and began wriggling.

"Oh I didn't know you were into that." I joked weakly and moved over some more so he too could lie down.

"Shut up." He grumbled. "Are you coming out tonight?"

"Erm why should I?" I asked.

"Because everyone is gunna be there doofus." He muttered. "Brian is having a party."

"Oh joy." I sighed sarcastically. "I suppose. What else have I got to do?"

I knew he had a comeback for that but he kept his mouth shut. That was the great thing about Draven. He may be my best friend but he knew how to wind me up. People would say it was a wonder we were ever friends, we were like the complete opposite of each other. Like I said he was usually outgoing and loud, with dark hair and blue eyes and a charming smiling. He was taller than me by two inches and better at guitar than me. I on the other hand- I had brown eyes, bleached blonde hair that was slightly curly, lightly tanned skin, and I rarely smiled. I was quiet and shy and skinny. Not slender like Draven. I was skinny and bony. The only advantage I had over Draven was I could play drums better than him and I could sing. But he was still my best mate and had been since we were three.

"I'm bored." He sighed finally.

"Me too." I answered and yawned.

"Wanna go a couple a rounds on the play station?" He sat up and stretched again. What is it with him and stretching?

"Sure." I sat up too and ran a hand through my hair. "Ugh I need a haircut."

"It looks fine." He frowned and pulled his shoes back on.

"Easy for you to say, you have perfect hair." I grumbled and shook my head.

"You're just vain." He chuckled.

"You're the vain one!" I retorted and followed him downstairs. "Oh Ben, does my hair look okay? Oh Ben does my tongue bar clash with my conch piercing? Oh Ben should I get my eyebrow done?"

"What?" He gasped. "I am so not like that!"

"Are too." I answered and raced down into the basement, him following quickly behind. "You are so vain man!"

"Well at least I care what I look like." He chuckled.

I grumbled and plonked down on the old couch. He really knew how to shut me up. But then it never took much to do that. I watched him as he set the game consol up, correction I watched his ass whilst the rest of him set the game up. In case you haven't noticed…

I have a crush on Draven.