"You all set?"

I looked up at Draven as he walked into the room, his jeans barely hanging to his hips and his wife beater damp from sweat.

"Yeah, let me just make sure I haven't left anything." I smiled.

It was the end of the academic year. Everyone was packing up and heading home for the summer before they returned after August to start all over again. However Draven and I weren't heading back to our parents place for several main reasons.

Firstly, when I had finally convinced Draven to tell his parents, things didn't go down so well. His mother was accepting however in fear of what her husband would do if Draven showed up again she begged us not to come back and said that she would visit us occasionally. As you can imagine Draven's dad didn't take to the news too well and demanded Draven never entered his house again. Draven had been devastated, but he mom met us frequently and reassured him countless of times that everything would be okay.

The second reason we weren't heading to our homes was because we had bought an apartment ten blocks from the College. It was the finally step in securing our already perfect relationship.

"B hurry up!" Draven called from the lounge of our dorm. "We have to be out by midday!"

"I'm coming." I sighed and grabbed my duffel bag with the last of my stuff in it. "Okay we can go."

"Finally." He muttered and led the way out of the dorm.

I closed the door and followed him down the hall waving to a few people who were also packing up to leave. Eric and Michael had gone the day before. Michael had invited Eric to San Francisco for the week before they came back to LA and spent the summer at Eric's parent's house whilst they too looked for an apartment.

"I reckon we should go get a coffee before we head to the apartment." I smiled as I dumped my bag in the back of the truck and pulled the keys out of my pocket.

"I think you need to stop being so damn cute and give me the keys." Draven muttered. "I'm driving."

"No I am." I argued.


"Eww don't say that!" I whined and handed him the keys. "No fair! Why can't I drive?"

"Because I'm driving." Draven chuckled and climbed in the driver's seat.

I mumbled a few complaints and got in waving good-bye to a few more people before Draven backed us out of our parking space and slowly headed for the exit.

I was really excited to see the new Apartment. Sure I had seen it when we viewed it and when we went to put all our stuff in there and move our furniture in there but I hadn't seen it since and I couldn't wait to have my own home with more space and comfort. My parents had been kind enough to help pay for the furniture and as for our jobs at HMV… well we said good-bye to them a long time ago and got better jobs. Draven got a job working for a graphics company after he had done an internship and they had seen his work. I scored a job working for a magazine. I helped design the front covers and came up with art if they didn't want to use a huge photo of something. I was more of an assistant than anything but the pay was great so I didn't complain.

All in All, everything was perfect.

"Yay!" I cheered childishly when the apartment complex came into view.

"Ah home sweet home." Draven chuckled and parked the truck. "We still have a lot of work to do you know that?"

"You mean paint the walls, and built the bed and fix the TV and set the computer up and unpack and make sure everything is really tidy before having passionate sex?" I joked.

"You mean after all that you'll still have energy to have sex?" He mocked.

"No, it just seemed to flow out of me." I shrugged and climbed out. "I'm all excited."

"You're such a child." He chuckled and wrapped an arm around my waist as we headed inside.

"Am not." I retorted.

"Are too." He chuckled. "A skinny child with a cute smile and a stubborn streak."

"I am not stubborn!" I gasped and glared at him. "You're stubborn!"

"I thought I was vain." Draven raised an eyebrow.

"You're both." I giggled and hit the floor number in the elevator.

Finally after five minutes of bickering and walking we came to our door and I waited impatiently as Draven took the keys out and unlocked it before pushing it open. I smiled excitedly and practically ran into the virtually empty lounge. The TV was by the windows and couches still had the plastic protection on them. Boxes were littered everywhere and our new coffee table sat in the middle slightly dusty. It was heaven.

"I love this place already." I announced and wandered into the bedroom, which was empty except of a few boxes and a large built in closet. "And it's all ours."

"Yup." Draven chuckled and wrapped his arms around me from behind. "We should probably start with the Lounge and kitchen first. We'll sort the bed out later."

"Yes sir." I chuckled. "But first I want a kiss."

"Why?" He asked.

"Because I haven't had one since you rudely awoke me this morning!" I pointed out.

"Fair dues." He chuckled and gave me a quick kiss. "Now lets unpack and I'll give you a better one."

"Meanie." I muttered and followed him into the lounge.

It was hard to imagine that this time last year Draven and I had just been friends and I had convinced myself that I would never be with him like we were now. How ever the last few months of my life had been amazing, sure we had argued and yelled at each other, we had even threatened to split up but through it all we knew we couldn't live with out each other even if we tried. Mostly though we were happy, we laughed and messed around and acted like normal couples do. Most people wouldn't even guess we were together until we actually told them, I guess we acted straighter than we actually were.

The weird thing was though I had spent so long convincing myself I could never have him.

All I really did want was Draven and I denied myself the chance.


"Hey Draven?"

He looked up his blue eyes sparkling. "Yeah?"

I smiled a little. "I love you."

I got him.

In given time.