A Lonely Night

The evening sun falls toward the plain.
Like a flame, the sky is coloured red.
Slowly the sun fades away,
As the night is drawing the stars in one by one.

The shimmering wind wraps around my shoulders,
As gently as a sigh.
The moon glows like a beacon in the dusk.
Unaware, the world is calmly sleeping.

The peaceful moonlit river's tides flow gently,
Keeping the beat of my thoughts.
Leaves rustle restlessly in the dark,
As they await answers to unasked questions.

The world is different now,
Hidden memories overflowing in the twilight.
A cold rust-coloured wind darkens the sky.
I am standing alone in my thoughts.

Remembering the soft blue sky,
Yesterday's gorgeous sun has become faint.
And yet, in its place is the bright, glowing moon,
Offering hope in its beaming radiance.

The endless sky, the cerulean ocean,
The golden rays of summer.
The fleeting wisps of a rainbow linger in my heart.
Nights will end, and the day will return.