Authors note: This is my first story posted on this site even though I've been a member awhile. I haven't really read other stories so I don't know if you can do just one page ones but still I'm doing one.

Title: Death

I watch the waves as they crash against the shore. The moon shone like sliver in the sky making everything seem magical. Everything around me felt so wrong yet right. I wonder what is this world I live in? Everything has a reason but now the reasons don't seem to matter anymore, nothing matters. Everything is a shadow of its former glory. There is a reason for that, there is a reason for everything but I'm not interested in reasons I'm interested in Death.

It surrounds us compressing us into tiny shapes. We live just to die. Everyone is obsessed with death, it's feared and craved. We dread and long for it. There are theories and suggestions but none of them are true none of them are right. People try to discover the secret to be immortal, to live forever. It has already been discovered but people refuse to accept that, they want, they need a mystery without one what's the point of life? Yet again, death. Why do we live? Why do we force ourselves to make you way through life? What is the point? I don't know and I don't care I just don't want to.

I walk towards the sea; I feel the tiny grains of sand under my bare feet. The grains are immortal. How could they die they never lived? The same could be said about people, who lives their life to the full? Does death mean is an endless cycle of living.

So to die is to live but what if you don't want to live? I don't, the only option is to die so you can live. I walk into the cold ocean. Water swirls around my ankles already I can feel the current pulling at me, trying to pull me out to sea to drown. I don't fight it. I go out deeper, past my knees and waist and up to my neck. Suddenly I can't feel the ground. All around me is water, like death.

My head is no longer above the water. I'm trapped at the point of no return. I'm dying but if to die is to live, then I'm living and now I know death is easy to escape but I can't escape the burden of life, it will always follow me.

I don't see the darkness of the water, I don't feel its crushing weight, I can't hear the roaring sound of waves breaking. I don't take my last breath because it's already been taken. I don't see the light; an angel doesn't fly down from the heavens. I fall into lifeless black oblivion. I am dead.

It seems even I was wrong about death, I now know that death can't be compared to anything in this world; it is so much more yet so much less. Death is everything yet nothing at the same time. It can only be described in one way, death is death. There are no angels or clouds; there are no burning pits or lava and fire. Time has no meaning I now just exist.