Pain in my heart
pain in my head
Nothing left for me
but to go to bed
But its faded
With the light
I'm lost, senseless
Useless my legs dangle free
Unless I'm found
There'll be no more me
What's the use of living life as a dream
What's the point of yelling if they cant hear my scream
Who are they?
What do they want from me ?
From me, there is nothing
I am empty
The void has captured me
Devoid of energy
An mindless entity
Floating in this society

What am I meant to be
To see the light I must be blind
To taste the life I must see signs
But there is nothing
I'm devoid
the void has left me completely empty
empty is my head
empty I my mindless heart
it beats but the rhythm is wrong
I sing but I cant feel the song
No stirring strain
No moving melody
Nothings left
I'm completely empty