I wrote this long ago for a friend who died way before his time.RIP.ETC

Gems for Eric

We both cry bitter tears but mine are real
She smiles when she sees them
not knowing who they are for
'Not for you sweetie , you have your own'
I don't look at her but keep my eyes straight ahead
She leans on me and I shrug her away
'No. not today stand on your own'
I let my tears roll freely and she tries to brush them away
While her own small drips mar her face
I push her away again with a glare

'Touch not my tears they are gems of my heart'

but I dare not say a word as the eulogy begins
I am first to place my flower
its small and wrinkled from hours with out water
but my tears like tiny crystals keep the petals soft
she tries to lean on me again bawling like she loved him
I want to slap her but hold back my hand
'He was mine ,never yours. Yet you cry like he loved you.'
I think this as I pat her back and push her ahead of me
These are my tears ,I give them to him freely