Hoshi Rei (Star Spirit)

Eps 1: An Unexpected Discovery

"This is gonna be the greatest discovery of all human kind!!" said a professor

"Yes, and once we control this..... This flow of evolution, then we really show the world, that we're not pathetic excuses for scientists!!" said another

They were talking about a new race.... The race they called Hoshirei or Star Spirit. It's significance was that this race, was bred from humans and gods... This race, though lacking the immortality of their parents was still very powerful.... They control magic, and witht that technology they could destroy the whole world!!!

"What will we do with the rest of them? The failures and their parents?"

"Destroy them all....."

"But how can we destroy gods?"

"They are weak against certain things called Spirits... Find them, and destroy the gods whom we've tested on!!"

(15 years later)

"Hey Jin!!"

Jin, the girl with the long blue hair turned to see her friend. Jin had green eyes and a smile across her face. Who wouldn't? School was out, and they didn't have to wear their school uniform!! Especially since it was the last day of school...

"Yeah what is Tokyo?"

Tokyo had medium length platinuem-blue hair. The strange thing about her was that she had one blue eye, and one blueish green eye. Tokyo wasn't the most cutest girl in school though most boys thought so... Actually, it was Jin who was. Tokyo was Jin's bestfriend... They been adopted at the same time by the same family... Though they knew they weren't really sisters they liked to pretend...

"So I hear that you and that new boy are going study, is that true?"

"N-no, it's not!!"

Jin was blushing bright red... Though she thought the new boy was cute, she didn't want to date him..... She was waiting for someone else to date first...

"Don't lie Jin, you're not very good y'know."

"I'm not lieing, we're just friends. Is he trying to bust a move on me? Is that what you heard?"

"Well, I heard that from some girls who say they saw you two holding hands.... But, if you said that it's not, then it's not...."

"Thanks Tokyo, for not pressing the subject..."

"Anyways Jin-chan, have you watched the news lately? A lotta kids our age have been turning up with super powers, isn't that wierd?"

"Yeah, they say that it's because of some secret experiment that happened when they were kids..... They talk about it all the time!!! About how they kids were bred from certain things and then they kill their parents!!"

"Yeah, that's just WRONG!!!"

"At least, we know our real parents are safe... The adoption agency told us so, remember?"

"I wouldn't trust what they say..."



"Well anyways, Miraki is comming over so you'd better not say anything about the rumors that you heard Tokyo..."

"Fine!! I'm going home, see ya there!!!"

Tokyo left and let Jin walk home alone by herself.... Though they were heading to the same house, Tokyo always took the short cut... Seeing as, she was impatient. Jin always took the long way home to catch up on reading this new book that she had recently bought... Today, Jin felt that something was different.... But she didn't know what... She kept walking anyways and soon was stopped by a man...

"Come with me, and you won't get hurt..."

Jin wasn't scared at all... Instead, she was frightened!! She tried to move but she was so scared, that she couldn't!!! The person breathed down her neck and kissed her cheek roughly..

"P-please if it's money you want... Here take it!!"

She tried to reach in her pocket but he stopped her... It was then that she knew his intentions... She tried to scream but he held her down with all his might.

"No, please stop!!! PLEASE!!!!!"

Her cries went unheard as he savagely pulled off her school girl uniform... He didn't care.... He was after one thing....and he'd been wanting her for the longest time. But with that tomboy Tokyo around, he had to wait.. By this time he tore threw her hymen breaking her purity...

"NNNNOOOO!!!!!!!!" she screamed as tears streamed down her face

All of a sudden, a bright light shown from within Jin. The light blinded the man so bad that he fell back. Jin was still crying.........(Note to self:the only way to use your powers is that you can't be a virgin) and the light shown more...Suddenly out of nowhere, water formed a big twister and sucked him into it!! He tried to excape but the force of the water was to strong and drowned him...

"What?" said Jin as she stood up weakily

"What just happened?" she thought and fainted

When she woke up, she was in her room. She looked around to see no one in the room... She tried to stay but she couldn't.. She felt intense pain on her side and layed back down.... Her clothes were blood stained from what happened. In her room walked Tokyo. She looked upset about what happened...

"Are you alright Jin-chan? Tell me what happened!!"

"He.......raped....me." Jin managed to say without bursting into tears

"................... You're okay now, right?"

"The water saved me..."

"What water, Jin?"

"It was like it acted on my emotions.... It took him and....."

"We found his body washed up shore...."

"You did?"

"Yeah........, he was killed..."

"The water did it......."

"The water?"

"Yeah, it protected me..... But I have this strange feeling that, the water protecting me wasn't just there for one time only... It feels like it'll protect me the rest of my life..."

"That's crazy Jin!!"

"NO IT'S NOT!!" screamed Jin

Suddenly Tokyo started choking.... Her face turned as blue as Jin's hair.... She held her throat, in hopes to help herself but fell to the ground..

"Tokyo? TOKYO!!"

Jin jumped out of bed, still sore, and started doing CPR on Tokyo.... Everytime, more and more water came out of Tokyo's mouth... It was as though, she was literally drowning from inside!! Soon, Tokyo woke up and stood up as though she was fine....

"You tried to kill me!!!!"

"No I didn't, Tokyo you have to believe me!!"



"Do you wanna know what I think?"


"I think, you're like the kids on t.v."


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