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Old Friends, New Enemies

"Geeze....., could you have SNORED any louder Tokyo?" said Jin as she entered the dinning room

"But how could you have known, you sleep DOWN THE HALL?"

"Well let's just say, SOUND TRAVELS, okay?"

Flaria giggled and looked at Tokyo..

"Heh heh, not funny." Tokyo said angrily


"Shut up Tokyo." said Jin

"Anyways, how old are you to actually want to have it?"


"WHAT THE H***?!!"

Jin fainted and dropped the knife in her hand. Tokyo's eyes grew bigger...She pulled her hands to her mouth, and looked at Flaria.. How could a 12 year old, say DO something like THAT?!

"I know what you're thinking....... Why or how could I do something like that, right?"

"You're a 12 year old!!! By the time you're Miraki's age, you'll be just as perverted as SHE IS!!!"

"It's not my fault, actually..... It's my parents fault....."

"Wait, a sec..." said Tokyo

She then slapped Jin in the face. She slapped her over and over until Jin finally woke up... She touched her bruised skin and scolded Tokyo.

"Why'd you do that?! That hurted you IDIOT!!!"

"I had to!!!! You wouldn't wake up!! Anyways, you were saying?" said Tokyo ignoring Jin

"Um...well, you see..... My mom, in her family.....they sorta pick out the husbands, for their children..., well at least the girls....."

"So, that doesn't explain what you did..."

"Um..., well, mom sorta lied to the man... She told him that I was 16 years old.... And so he said that he'd set me up with his son.. Well, I wasn't to thrilled at the idea.... But, we needed money so.... After a while, I started to fall in love with him... I know it's just childish love, but I know I love him!! And so a couple of days ago, I told him that since we were to be married soon, I was ready..... And so that's when it happened....."

"Oh.....that's so sad...." said Jin

"No that's not, it's SAPPY. Little kids can't fall in love!! You're to young, and plus..... what happened if he was just using you?"

"He wouldn't do that!!! Surely, you've loved right Tokyo?"


Tokyo turned away from the group.

"Tokyo can't get dates..... Because well..., she's...different.."

"What do you mean by different?"

"She's um.....," started Jin

"What she's trying to say is that, everyone who tried to date me has run away scared after seeing my um....collections..."

"What kind of collection?"

"Oh just the regular swords, knives, daggers, and anything sharp and pointy... And every now and then I like to play tricks on people..."

"I wouldn't call hunting people down like animals, and making them almost have strokes just mere TRICKS. You're dangerous...... You play to rough..."

All of a sudden Jin and Flaria felt something strange.. It was like someone was calling out to both of them.... But at the same time they felt an evil serge of energy... Could the two be connected? They quickly ate their breakfast and headed out the door.

"Hey wait for me!!!" screamed Tokyo

She ran out with them only to find that they had dissapeared into thin air...

"Just my luck!!! They use their stupid powers and dissapear on me!!! Might as well go get Miraki...."

Tokyo headed for Miraki's house, but as she was about to ring the doorbell, Miraki ran out the door knocking Tokyo off the steps...

"WHAT THE H***!!! Miraki!!!!! OWCH!"

Miraki looked at Tokyo....She giggled to herself, and tried to help Tokyo up.. But Tokyo, as always, had to much pride and got up herself.

"I'm sorry Tokyo-chan..... I have a date with this really cute guy and so I don't wanna be late ya know!!! *wink*"

"Ew..... and we've got to find Jin and Flaria!! They've dissapeared!!"

"Aw...but my date-

Before she could really say anything Tokyo grabbed her hand and pulled Miraki with her.. They wandered around town, (the part that had been destroyed) looking for clues as to where their friends were. Suddenly the sky turned black.... Then within seconds, the sky was normal.... They then saw two girls fighting!!!!!

"Jin!!" said Tokyo

"Flaria!!" said Miraki

They ran towards where the action was.... Again, Jin was in her water form..., and Flaria was in her fire form.... They were chanting spells...

"Umi Tsunami!!"

"Yasha no Hi!!"

The first to do her spell was Jin. She raised her arms to the air. Soon around her, water raised from nowhere. A light glowed from her hand as a Tsunami formed out of the water. She then pointed her hand at the monsters. The Tsunami hit them, but didn't kill them.. Next to attack was Flaria. She summoned a Fire Demon and used it to attack the monsters. The fire demon roared and summoned a meteor that broke into pieces. It hit the monsters destroying them...



The two girls turned around to see Tokyo and Miraki. But they soon had to turn their attention towards a sinical laughter behind them..

"So, you can protect yourselves obviously..... But what about Tokyo and Miraki?"

"How do you know our names?!"

"Oh come on Tokyo....don't tell me you don't recognize me?"

".................Oh yeah!! I knew I heard that voice somewhere before!! It's........."

"MY EX-BOYFRIEND?! Oh my GOD!!!" said Miraki putting her hands to her lips

"NO!! You idiot!!!!"

"Oh yeah.... It's the one who I had to beat up for stalking Jin again.... Your name's Tsuki right?"

"That's right...."

Tsuki was actually kinda cute. He had spikey red hair and green eyes. He was wearing a red vest with strange symbols on it, and a blue pair of paints. On his arm, he had a strange bracelet....

"We used to be friends.....until you found out I had a sister...." said Tokyo

"Yes, the beautifal Jin....!!"

"Oh brother........."

"Heh, well enough chat......this town will be destroyed.... And seeing as you guys have no powers, you'll be the first to die!!!"

"No way!! You can't do that!!! Why not kill them!!! I still have a DDDDDDAAAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEE!!!!!!!" screamed Miraki

"Is that all you think about? No, seriously....IS IT?!"


Everyone sighed.....

"Take this!!!" shouted Tsuki

He then used his own magic and hit Tokyo!! She tried to stand up but she couldn't.... Her legs gave from under her and she fell to the ground..... But she still kept trying to stand..

"No, I won't allow you to hurt me again!! Nor, my sister!! You son of a b***!!!!!"

Tokyo stood up and held her leg. She looked at him evily... Although, she didn't have control over water like her sister, or the control of fire like Flaria, she could still do some damage with her regular hits!! She jumped into the air and punched Tsuki in the stomach. He fell back, startled.

"AUGH!!!" he screamed as blood trickled from his lips

"That's what you get!!!!"

"Heh heh heh, this is only the beginning!!!" laughed Tsuki

He wiped the blood from his lips and licked it.

"Next time we meet, I won't hold back on killing such cute girls......."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" shouted Tokyo

"Bai Bai!!!" he shouted and dissapeared into thin air

"Tsuki......." said Tokyo

Tokyo hadn't told ANYONE that she used to go with Tsuki..... Tsuki used to like her as well, and while most boys ran away from her devilish ways, he was right there with her...... They liked each other...., but then he saw Jin.. He became obsessed and tried to rape her... He failed miserably, and as a result Tokyo almost beat him dead. She would've killed him if he had've succeeded, but a part of her always loved him. She'd forgoten about love all those years.....(Well actually it was 3 or 4 years) And ever since then, couldn't bring herself to date anyone. But that's okay, she didn't want a boyfriend anyways.

"Come on, let's go back to the house......."

"Yeah, Jin.... Maybe we'll find out why Tsuki is back in town, if we really tried hard..."

They walked back to the house, all except Miraki, who ofcourse, was VERY late for a date..She hurried off, leaving the others alone.When they reached the house, the door was open... They didn't see, a car, so someone must've broken in!! They raced through the house until they got into the kitchen..... There sat a green haired boy with red eyes. He had a scar on his left cheek.. He looked at them.....

"What?" he said

To be continued

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