The creature lay before the cloaked figure. Its pale, fare skin had now become covered in thick, coarse fur. Its eyes were shut at the moment but he could sense that even the windows to its soul had changed greatly. The creature before him cried out in pain as more changes started to take place inside of the creature. Its figure twisted sickly against the restraints that held it down.
The cloaked figure watched the creature with pity in his eyes. That young woman did not deserve the fate that the gods had decided for her. Yes, she may had made terrible mistakes in her past but she had done so much to try to redeem herself for the pain and suffering she had caused.
He walked over to the creature on the forest ground and slowly put a hand on the creatures forehead. The figure closed his violet eyes and started to concentrate. A white mist appeared around the figure; the light around him growing brighter. Slowly, the mist started to flow away from the figure and down onto the creature. It wrapped itself around the creature's limbs and torso, covering it completely.
The creature's brown eyes opened wide as it tried to move and scream but it could not. The mist had muted its abilities to use any of its muscles. The creature's eyes made its way up to the figure's, pleading with its eyes to end its suffering. He nodded his head but he had a different plan other than killing the creature for he could not.
He raised his arms to the sky. There was an explosion of light as the figure started to remove the binding to the evil artifact that held her soul prisoner. The light poured into her body, her skin starting to glow with an intensity that not even the figure could keep his eyes open.
The creature's fur and sickly skin started to peel away from its body to reveal fair colored skin of a human underneath. Its ugly facial features were replaced by those of a woman; beautiful beyond compare. The dull brown, coarse hair of the creature was replaced by the silky, brunette hair of the girl. Her fingernails and toenails became a pale pink once again instead of the rough and grimy talons that she had before. Swirls of brown started to take over the violet irises that had come to haunt so many of the victims that she had slaughtered, the windows to her soul repaired. She was human again.
The cloaked man lightly brushed his hand against her forehead. She would be fine. "Until we meet again."

Savin Duraten sat up in bed with a start, trying to untangle the blankets from her slim body. Her skin and clothing were drenched in a cold sweat, the bed sheets sticking to her sweaty body. She reached a shaky hand up to her forehead, running her long fingers through her slightly curly, brown hair and took in a deep breath. That wasn't the first time that she had that dream. It was one out of the thousands that she had come to memorize over the years. She could always anticipate what would come even before it happened now but it still always seemed to scare her on how real everything felt.
She let out a sigh of relief when she realized that she was still in her small, blue wall room. The stuff toys on various shelves in her room stared at her in wonderment at the world that seem to play out in her head night after night. She could hear the sounds of the city's night life surrounding her small home in the slums of Kaiko. Music from a very loud stereo playing from a party a few houses down; people walking and talking down the streets; the neighbor's television set next door playing infomercial; cars driving at all kinds of different speeds, many which needed new mufflers; dogs barking in the distance.
Savin let out a yawn and looked over towards her digital clock on her small night stand. It read 3:15 a.m. She would have to get up in a couple of hours. The noise around her still did not mute itself for her sake so she closed her eyes and tried to imagine more of the land that came in her dreams. She could still feel the phantom hand that had woken her up move the stray strands of hair from her face. It had felt so real, the warmth of the hand and the rough leather of the glove. If only I could finish the dream...