Staring at the walls around me,
I find I'm alone suddenly.
All friends are lost from sight
Because of one stupid fight
If I could, I'd change it all.
I wouldn't say I knew it all
Whether I was right or not.
Saying sorry would do a lot,
But when I try to discuss it,
Instead of listening they have a fit.
They only yell when I get near.
This is what we all fear.
No one wants to hear
The words that they fear.
The words they always dread.
The words of your friendship being dead.
The ones you love and trust will glare,
And their friends will glower and stare.
Every time you see them you try,
You try to seem unaffected, by suppressing a sigh.
Now I'm crying crimson tears
Of regret and betrayed fears.
I'm hollow on the inside,
And my broken heart wants to hide
I just want you to recognize
The friendship that I utilize.
I'd give my life for you
Even when we fight, it's true.
If I could change it all,
I would take the fall.
I would beg and plead,
Just to be freed.
Freed from the pain,
From the blackness inside that's plain,
From the feeling of utter sickness.
So I want you to bear witness,
I'm Sorry,
I'm sorry!
Just hear me please.
I sit here on my knees.
Forgive me for my stupidity.
Just give me sweet serenity.
I'll leave you alone,
As long as it is known

That you forgive me.
If you don't see
That I'd risk it all for you,
Then just watch what I would do
Since I'm your new found enemy
How should I dispose of me?
A gun, some poison, a knife perhaps?
I'll clear away these traps.
Hand me the gun beside you.
I'll do it just to prove it's true.
Forgive me, please, I beg of you.
I don't want to do this too.
If you won't give me freedom from the pain,
Then this choice of mine is plain.
It's over now.
Don't ask how.
You'll know as soon as it's done.
I'll be laying there in the sun.
How will you know, too?
The suicide note will be addressed to you.
Please write on my grave,
So all know I wasn't brave,
Why I did it.
Actually, forget it.
Just write plain and clear,
so all see that you were dear,
"I'm Sorry.
It's all my fault. Forgive me."
And now I will be set free.