A sapphire ribbon
Brilliant as the salient sea
Of a twinkling ebony sky
Rippling through the severed rift
Of silvery existence
In a crest of starry crystal foam

Thundering through the gates
Copper-drenched portals
For the never-dreaming torrent's storm
Aglow with darting flecks
Of sought-for golden gleams
Stitched through its sleepless depths
In threads of forever flickering eyes
Winking through the shadows

The rainy belt of glaring luminosity
Tumbling down the rock-strewn cliffs
Rustles of azure, glass taffeta
Sleek as the sovereign midnight
Swish in cobalt bubble quilts
Down the regal, gilded crown
Of the cascade's godly glory
Never sleeping
Save for
His death....

When the downpour of gems
Shall cease
No longer that scintillating stream
A shining tribute to his radiance
The jewels will be stained
With veins of bleeding droplets
Lingering remorse of his venture
Into the murky nothing

Crimson tears of faded light
Dissolving into the dark oblivion
A dry and rotting bed
For the once restless shower
Of glittery faith
Now a shriveled pit of nothingness
Dimmed and dusted diamonds
Scattered amongst the mar
Cast into the wind
The waterfall-
It sleeps.


A/N: ::vomits:: eek, I did this while Iming shadowspirit1...she could tell you how much I griped about this. We're sorry Heather. But I couldn't get the idea out of my head. See, as the hopeless legend of Zelda addict that I am, the indescribable beauty of everything in it inspires me. Even enemies. Excluding blue tectalites. ::screams in rage:: I hate those bloody pieces of bloody shit so fucking much!!!! I need help. Anyway, to continue...I was playing Ocarina of Time for...the tenth time I believe, probably more, (I've beaten it too many times...I love Zelda too much. All the games, though. But especially ocarina of time). And I came across the waterfall leading into Zora's domain, as one is wont to do if one wishes to defeat the game. You know, the one where you have to play zelda's lullaby for it to let you in. I threw a cucoo in it and it got stuck. ^^ Well, if anyone actually bothers to read the inscription in front of the beautiful waterfall, it says it is called the sleepless waterfall and it will always flow as long as the King 'flows,' and all that bit. ::can't remember exactly what it said:: I mostly recall that it was called the sleepless waterfall. Well, I was hopelessly inspired, which I haven't been for a while, so I forced myself to write this poem. It was rather excruciating. ::cringe:: and took a few hours. It was hard. But um...do you like it? And in case you're wondering, I'm not referring to Jesus or anything Christian by all these references to he and him. It sort of sounds like it could be...I was thinking of the bloody waterfall and the sign and the King of Hyrule. But I suppose it could be interpreted many ways...what do you think about it? I know it sucks, but ah well. You know me, maybe sort of not really...anyway, I suck. Go me. ^^