My Dear Blade, I'm Addicted

My dear blade
How lonesome you look
No one has played with you
No one has loved you

No one let you enter them
You haven't drunken wine
The sweet taste hasn't touched your lips
You haven't made love to anyone

My dear blade
How I've missed you
Life has been so hard
I've thought about you daily

You stuck in my head
Like some deadly poison
I've craved your touch
Like some addiction

Embrace me, my love
Come back to my world
We shouldn't deny ourselves
We shouldn't quit on each other

I dip you inside
My pain is fierce, but over soon
You lap up drops of wine
My blood runs down my arm

My shirt is stained
Dyed the crimson red
The aching is stronger now
I dig you in

We get drunk together
I am intoxicated
You can still drink on
Do I still have some to give?

I pull you away
I deny you the wine
My love, you know me
You know what it is

I am addicted