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Hey everyone! Hope you can help me out! Please, answer the following questions and send them to my email [email protected]. They might make up my mind about writing a sequel and turn this into a trilogy!

1) Before you read "Life After Him", did you read "Life After That"?

2) Which one did you prefer? "Life After That" or "Life After Him"? Why?

3) Did you like how I portrayed Ashley and the other O-Town members in this fic?

4) Did you feel any different between Kirstin in "Life After That" and Kirstin in "Life After Him"? Do you like Kirstin? What do you think about what?

5) What did you think of Tom and Kirstin's relationship?

6) What did you think of Kirstin and Grace relationship?

7) Do you think Grace should have a bigger role?

8) What about the other characters, like Kirstin's dad, mother, sister, Mark (Grace's boyfriend), Andy (Kirstin's boss)?

9) What did you think of Barry, the baseball guy that Kirstin almost had an affair with?

10) What did you think of Kirstin and Ashley relationship on this fic (them not being a couple, being all about the friendship)?

11) Did you like how the fic ended? If not, what would you do differently?

12) Do you have any special part that you liked the most? Like, a favorite chapter or quote, anything like that?

13) Do you have a favorite character?

14) Do you think I should right a sequel?

15) Any ideas for the sequel?

16) I have only one idea for the sequel title. What do you think of "Life With Him", so that would end the trilogy? Or, do you have any other idea?

17) From 0-10, how would you rate "Life After Him"?

My E-Mail address: [email protected]

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