Little Susanna, or Susie as she was sometimes called, was not the only change in the Matthews household, but she was the smallest, and the only one they'd really been somewhat prepared for. Before leaving for the hospital, the couple had been ready to bring home a baby, and they anticipated it. Neither could have predicted what else had been born inside that hospital room - a deeper love than either had thought possible at the beginning of their union.
Gavin's work on the theater was completed the first week of September, and it was christened on Labor Day, just one day after his daughter. Sari and Susie were there at his side as the ribbon was cut and the first customers went inside to view the inaugural film, which documented the building process.
In November, Gavin and Sari renewed their vows in a tiny ceremony at their home. Surrounded by the same family and friends and dressed in the same attire, Gavin and Sari pledged their love and devotion to one another. Only this time it was real - on both sides - and that was clear to anyone in attendance. Will and Anna both cried tears of joy for their daughter as they walked her down the aisle toward Gavin, happy to hand her over once again.
A few months later, as spring bluebonnets began to bloom, there were more tears as Sari said "goodbye" to her mother. Anna's health had slowly been deteriorating since her birthday, and even on her second wedding day, Sari knew the time was drawing short. Gavin held her and Susie as the casket was lowered into the ground. Susie slept peacefully as the adults around her sobbed and mourned the loss of her grandmother. The little girl would never know her grandmother was responsible for her being. She had come to be born in a relationship that had formed to uphold a promise. A promise that Gavin and Sari had no intention of breaking.