I once held in my very hands
The perfection of friendship
Formed with the greatest care-
An emblem of beauty, so extraordinary.

And once, once
The emblem of beauty was
Rich in color and life
The sweetest melody, absolute joy.

The hall where once laughter was thick
Without warning turns empty, hollow
Harmony, symphony- now cacophony
Echoes, echoes, echoes
Joy, departing, looks back
And laughs at me
It laughs.

I see, I collapse on the indifferent stone
The emblem shatters
And I shriek

Vindictive, cruel
Reminiscence mercilessly hounds me
Memories echo amidst the
Sound of spiteful cackles.

I pick up the pieces of what once was
Hoping, hoping to refit them...
Only moments ago, it was whole!
But the pieces- they crumble
I watch in horror as they turn to dust
And slip through my fingers
And are blown away by the whistling wind.

I bitterly sob
I do not understand
And though I cry, my voice goes unheard
To all but myself
They locked the door and now all I hear
Are the brutal echoes of remembrances of
Everything I've lost, of
Everything, everything I loved.