My Sister's Boyfriend

Tami's POV

Well I sat in my room, listening to the new Metallica song, "St. Anger". I heard after the song went off I heard light banging against the wall. I walked out of my room and listened near my sister's door. I heard moaning and talking and I knew that my sister was fucking her boyfriend. Steve Wittman was the hottest guy in school. He was also the popular jock that everybody wanted to be. My sister was the hot cheerleader, who wore clothes that looked like a handkerchief. She also hated me. Well most of the time.

I walked back to my room and closed the door. No matter what we were always left home alone. Our father was CEO of a very big company, and my mother was a Fashion clothes maker. She made clothes and then sells it to the stars. She was the best in the business, and once J-lo was at our house. It was kind of weird walking in from school and seeing the Latino pop star in the living room, laughing and joking with my mom. Scary stuff right there.

So that left me home with Ms. Diva herself, and I swear sometimes I wish murder wasn't a major crime. I picked up a book and heard some more meaningless grunts, groans, and moans and finally silence. I jumped up and ran downstairs. I had a huge crush on my sister's boyfriend, and I wanted to see him leave. I waited a few more minutes then finally he came down the stairs.

"Hey Tami." He said.

"Hi Steve. Had fun with Lisa?" I asked with a smile. He looked at me and he had a smile on his face too.

"Yeah, that sister of yours is .... wow!"

"Yeah, isn't she? But I can think of a few better words, like bitchy, stupid, dimwit, asshole, bossy, the list goes on and on." I said with a laugh.

"Well I should be going. Nice talking to you Tami. Bye." He reached down and kissed me. He kissed me!!! Well on my cheek but it was still something. I started to blush and I had this goofy smile on my face. He smiled and then he left.


I looked up to the top of the stairs and I seen my sister. She was glaring at me.

"What the hell do you think you are doing? I heard that and I seen him kiss you. Don't think you have a chance with him, cause you don't. You are ugly and Steve will never look at you the way he looks at me." Lisa had a smug grin on her face and I wanted to just slap it off. I looked up at her and smiled, trying to keep my cool.

"Well, sis. I haven't said anything about wanting Steve. Are you getting insecure and jealous?" I had a sweet smile on my face and I knew it would piss her off.

"Just keep your mitts off. And take that fucking grin off your goddamn face before I go down there and slap it off."

"Yeah I love you too Lisa." I said sourly. She made a frustrated sound and then I heard her bedroom door slam.

I smiled. I could always get under her skin.

Lisa's POV

I went into my room and slammed my door. I knew Tami wanted to fuck Steve. Who wouldn't? I mean she knows that she was jealous of me. I had everything. I was hot, and popular. I had the hottest guy in Hamington High. And I was captain of the cheerleading team. Plus my body was to die for and my hair was killer. I looked at my clock and seen that it was 10:00. I had to go to the party at my friend Camdon's house. She was giving a party at her mansion. All the cheerleaders were invited and she made sure that she invited all the hot guys in school. And plus a few hot guys that she knew from college (She met them through her brother). Plus she invited all the girls that she felt had some class and deserved to go. It was 10:15 now and the party started 15 minutes ago. I had to get going or all the good guys would be taken.

I started to tear through my drawers, looking for my leather mini, and matching top. Where the hell as it? I started to look in my closet and still I couldn't find it. I bet my fucking sister had it. I walked out my room and started to bang on her door, but I stopped. She was talking on the phone and she was talking about me.

"Yeah, I know, he kissed me. I mean I don't know what the hell he's doing with Lisa, but he's wasting his time. I would so fuck him." I heard my sister say. I knew she wanted him. I banged on the door and walked in.

Tami's POV

I was talking on the phone with Katie, my best friend, when I heard banging on the door. My sister walked in and I sighed. I hoped she didn't hear what I had said on the phone, but really I didn't give a shit.

"What the hell do you want?" I said.

"Well I can't find my leather mini. I wanna go to this party and I need it. Have you seen it?"

"Yeah. It was on the floor in the laundry room, so I thought that you and Steve had obviously fucked down there, so I washed it for you. It's still down there."

"Did you ....."

"Yeah yeah, I know. I was very nice to your goddamn skirt. It's fine. I remembered how you wash it so I made sure I caused it no damage. Now if you are finished I was on the phone."

"Thanks sis. Oh and before I forget, I knew you had a thing for Steve, and he will never leave me. Remember that."

She closed the door after her and I started to curse under my breath. He will leave her. Yes in fucking deed he will. I forgot about what I was facing ahead and turned my attention back to Katie.

Lisa's POV

Drove over to Camdon's mansion. I went inside and was greeted by everyone. Guys were all over me and I liked the attention. I got a beer and scoped out the guys. Now which one will I lay? I looked over all of them as I finished my 5th beer.

"What up cutie? Wanna dance?" Said some hottie. Hell yes!! I'd fuck you too. I thought as I nodded and he took me to the dance floor. As we danced I smiled as I moved my body against his. I felt his hands go to my ass and I smiled. Now he was talking.

"You look so fucking hot." He whispered into my ear. I felt his hands go to the front of my mini then inside. He went inside of my panties. I moaned slightly when he started to let his fingers go in and out of me. "I wanna fuck you." He said.

"What's your name?" I asked as he finally took his hands out of me.

"Paul. I know who you are. Lisa, the hottest girl that I know."

"Well Paul, take me to a bedroom and I'll fuck your brains out."

He smiled and we went upstairs. He found a room and then we started to make out. I was bumping and grinding my hips against his. He started to pull up my skirt as I pulled his shirt off. He took down my panties and then entered me. I cried out and started to pump against him. He did a good job in fucking me and I tell you he made me scream. As we continued, I thought about Steve. Paul was better then Steve, and my yells were proof of it.

"What the fuck is going on?"

"Paul pulled out of me and I looked over to the door to see who had just interrupted the greatest sex of my life. I gasped and pulled up and down my clothes.

"Steve! I can explain."

"Fuck you Lisa. I'm out."

"Shit!" I swore and ran after him. I caught up to him outside. He was about to get in his car but I grabbed his arm and spun him around.

"I'm sorry. Look it was an accident, I ......."

"That was no fucking accident. How in the world was it an accident? You asked him to stick it to you and he stuck it in you? How the fuck did you end up in the bedroom and moaning your brains out if it was an accident? I'm tired of your shit Lisa. Go fuck another guy and get the hell out of my face!" He turned away from him but I grabbed him.

"I'm really sorry. I really am, please listen to me." I pleaded. He couldn't brake up with me. He just couldn't.

"Lisa, go away. It's over!! I never want to speak to you again!!!" He got in his car and sped off. I was stunned. How the hell did I get into this situation?