I probably should have destroyed it, but I could not bring myself to do it. It had been my possession for so long it had become a part of my life.

It was the note my sister left before she ran away. I don't know why she did it. She was always so happy, or so I thought. She was popular at school and her grades were really good. Mum and Dad were so proud of her. In fact, I was often jealous of Jenny because she was prettier and smarter than I was.

However, when I saw the note I cried the most. I missed my sister so much I never admitted to it but I always looked up to her. I never did understand why she left so suddenly.

She was gone for pretty much the whole of the Summer holidays after she had got her results from Year 12. It wasn't her results that she was upset about. She got 92% for her TER score.

One day not long before school started a few years later. The three of us, Mum, Dad and I were doing the usual. Mum was cooking dinner, Dad was on the computer doing work and I sat at my desk reading a book. By then everyone had assumed she had committed suicide, even my parents, only I had still had hope for her. That day I had a feeling that she would come back. I don't know how. We were all busily living our lives as usual when the doorbell rang unexpectly. I ran to answer it and there stood a young woman.

"Jenny," I greeted her, "Welcome back."


Author's note:

I admit, this is not the best piece of writing I've written but given the circumstances, we had to write this in class and hand it up once the lesson ended, it's a fair effort.

Also, just in case you don't live in Australia, Year 12 is the final year of high school before tertiary study or work. The TER score is the percentage that is calculated after comparing the results of every Year 12 student for the year, well it is in my state anyway.