Sunrise over the distant peaks,
Of the pyramids that glow silver in it's light,
As sunlight hits their limestone sides,
But something isn't right,
Am I dreaming?

Sunlight dancing on the glittering waters,
Of the Sacred River that winds like a snake,
Through this mystical land of wonder,
But I wonder with every breath I take,
Am I dreaming?

Sunlight falls over flood-land farms,
Of wheat and barley, pomegranates too,
All around a restful calm,
But is it too good to be true?
Am I dreaming?

Sunlight falls over palace and temple,
Over whitewashed houses, over half-built tombs,
A wind blows by, cool and gentle,
Will it be lost all to soon?
Or am I dreaming?

Sunlight glares, harsh and bright,
Over the barren wasteland that stretches as far as the eye
Can see. Destroying the land that once gave life.
I want to cry; weep for what used to be.

I wish I was dreaming.