Hey everyone! Thank you all so much for reviewing my first story Soulmates: Krystin and Derrick's Story. I was talking to my best friend Ashley, and I was telling her about how I had a dream last night where I was a slave owner and my father bought me a slave and we fell in love. My friend thought that it was a good story, and she basically said to me, "Kristen, why don't you post it up with your other story?" I said "What the heck? I'll give it a try." So here it is. And like always, I'm just posting this for the fun of it, and I'm not really expecting it to go anywhere.


Kailey Rose Valenaire was walking around her complex room. She was very very aggravated because she wanted her father to come back with his surprise, but unfortuantely she had to wait until four o'clock.

With another aggravated sight Kailey looked at the clock. It read 3:51. Still nine more minutes to go before her father came back.

Today was her sixteenth birthday. She was the daughter of the richest man in the whole town, as such she had everything she could possibly want. But the only thing that she didn't have was a slave, but she didn't want one at all. She despised the way that slaves were treated and she didn't want to have to put herself through the trouble of having to care for one.

Kailey had grown up in the rich kingdom of Guzatz for all of her sixteen years. It was the only town that freely traded slaves. Slavery were supposed to be abolished in about three years because of a law that was being written, but all of the rich slave owners were paying the government off, so it could be a long time before slavery was completely gone.

It was against the law to trade, or buy slaves, but it was okay to own a slave, which made no sense in Kailey's mind. Yet, in the town of Guzatz her father had bought off the police so slave buying was allowed, and actually went on in the middle of the town square everyday. People actually came from all over the world just to buy slaves here. It was disgusting in her mind.

Kailey once again looked at the gold clock on her wall. 3:55. Just four minutes had passed. Time was certaintly trying to annoy her, and it had succeeded too. She threw herself onto the satin couch, with the gold pillows, and out of sheer boredom looked around her room.

It was wide, with massive bay windows complete with a balcony. There was also a mahogony desk that was littered with letters and paper and gold pens. She had a huge canopy bed, with satin gold sheets, and a silver threaded blanket and pillows. Next to her bed she had a small oak table with a a lamp, and next to it hanging on the wall was an assortment of fine china dolls, and a jewerly case with fine stained glass windows.

She jumped when she heard footsteps coming toward her door. Her father walked in.

He was a great man, with gray hair, and blue eyes. He had a constant smirk on his face that made it seem like he knew something that you didn't. His royal blue robes were streatched tightly over his massive stomache, and she actually had to close her eyes for a second becasue her father was waving his hands around and all of the rings on his fingers were blinding in the light.

"How is my favorite daughter on her lovely birthday?" he asked in a loud nasal voice. She forced herself to answer, "Dad I'm okay. And you?" he let out a nasal laugh, and said "I'm just fine! I just get your present daughter,"

"Ohh, what is it dad?" She asked excitedly. "Kailey, do you remember what I got your brother on his sixteenth birthday?" I paled, and said softly "You got him Beth his own personal slave," I could barely get the words out, a sickening feeling rising in my stomache. 'God please let me be wrong. Please please!'

"You're right daughter. Now I pass on the legacy! Berno, bring him in!" "Him in?!" I said softly. My father ignored me, and said, "Don't worry you'll love him,"

I watched silently, as Berno came in. He had a long chained chain attached to his hand and I traced it back, and I noticed that a thin man, with mocah colored skin, and black eyes and spikey black hair was the one attached to Berno(To those of you who read my other story, this is not Derrick. Have you ever seen Mark Chavez of Adema? Well if you have that's what the slave looks like)

Berno then went to my frozen figure, and attached the looped chain to my hand. I was so startled that I wipped my hand back and forth before I realized that I had something attached to my hand. My actions caused the slave to fall to the ground choking, and I stopped instantly when I realized this.

"Sorry," I said softly so that my dad wouldn't hear. He wouldn't approve if he heared what I had said. He believed slaves were animals with no feelings; thus they should be treated as such.

"Kailey, before we leave you must name your slave," Seeing my puzzled expression he contiuned on with his explanation. "He never had a name, and it's a rule in this house to name all our slaves, and you must carry on this tradition."

With a nod I surveyed this man's face, how tired and hungry he looked, and the torn and ragged black pants and shirt that was smeared with dirt. Somehow, I knew that this man deserved a decent name, and I decided on the name that I would have given my son if I ever had one.

"His name will be Jayden James," I said softly but firmly. "Now Kailye give him a birthday," "October 6." I said without hesitation. That was just two days away. "Okay, now have fun with you slave," with another nasal laugh my father and Berno left.

I was left in the room with Jayden, and he was still on the ground looking at me. The enormity of what had just happened set in. 'Oh crap what do I do now?' I thought, still looking at Jayden.

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