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Love Can Be Found In the Most Unusual Place

Chapter Eight: A Game of Cat and Mouse

Oh dear Lord, please, I beg of you; help me! I can't let Jayden get thrown back in prison. My dad can't get his hands on him! Please, Lord, I think I love Jayden, and if he were to suffer, it would destroy me!

Kailey panted as she struggled under Jayden's weight, her feet dragging, and her chest heaving. Her throat felt like it had been rubbed raw by a razor. Sweat ran down her forehead, dripping unpleasantly down her neck like ice. Jayden was a dead weight in her arms, her arms aching from the strain of supporting Jayden. But she kept moving, desperation driving her mercilessly, fear gripping her heart like a vice.

Kailey finally found a narrow opening in the wall, a hiding place that her and James used to use when they needed to avoid their father. She somehow managed to push Jayden through, though how she did she was unsure. She followed next, and for one heart stopping moment she got stuck, her sleeve snagging on a jagged rock. She tugged as hard as she could and managed to extricate herself with minimal damage to her shirt.


Kailey bit her lip hard enough to draw blood, and tightened her hold around Jayden. Too frightened to look; Kailey pressed her face into Jayden's shoulder. If they were going to be discovered, she didn't want to see. Because she knew that if they were found, Jayden was as good as dead…

"Roger!" A voice called, causing Kailey to freeze, hardly daring to breathe, her eyes squeezed shut. "Do you see the prisoner? He couldn't have gotten far."

"No! If I had found the slave, you would know, believe me," Someone called back, their voice tinged with impatience.

Kailey exhaled sharply when both the guard's voices and rude stomping faded. She stood reluctantly, hefting Jayden up. She needed to leave and move somewhere safer.

Kailey peered through the crack in the wall, and seeing no one in sight, somehow extricated both herself and Jayden from their cramped hiding place. She half supported, half dragged, Jayden down the hallway, trying her hardest not to make any unnecessary sounds.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she made it to her quarters. She opened her door and dragged Jayden inside, shutting and locking the door behind her. She laid Jayden on her bed, and supported his head with a pillow, trying to make her slave comfortable.

"Oh Jayden, why won't you wake up? If only I were a doctor, I could treat your wounds!" Kailey said, eyeing the lump on Jayden's forehead. It didn't look too serious, but than again, she could be horribly wrong. And Jayden meant too much to her for him to die because she didn't get him treatment when he needed it.

With a sigh, Kailey stood and went into the bathroom, grabbing a bowl from the side of the bathtub and tipping it over so a bar of soap fell into the tub. She rinsed the bowl out until all the suds were gone, and than refilled it with lukewarm water. She made her way back to Jayden, making sure she took a washcloth with her.

Kailey kneeled next to her slave and stared at him. It was odd how life worked. She never would have believed that she, out of all of Guzatz's residents, would own a slave. Now she possessed that which she had always abhorred. And now…now she loved him. She loved him so much that it hurt.

Kailey tore her eyes away from Jayden's face and dipped the washcloth into the water and rubbed Jayden's face gently, wiping all the dirt away.


"James," Beth said, turning to look at her master. Her eyes ran over James' face anxiously, trying to discern his thoughts. It was no good; James was an expert at masking his emotions.

He had to be, though. If his father, for example, caught him looking at Beth the wrong way, it could mean her death. His relationship with his slave would have to remain a secret, and could very well have to stay that way forever. He needed to act like he was still in love with Rosemary, and that he mourned her death.

In a way, he did. Rosemary had been a timid woman, with a pale face and sad eyes. She hadn't wanted to marry James any more than he wanted to marry her. Rosemary's father hadn't approved of his daughter's relationship with their servant, and as punishment, sent her away to marry a man she didn't love.

James had done his best to make Rosemary happy, be it trying to take an interest in her day, or taking her horseback riding. Yet despite what he did, Rosemary still yearned for the one she couldn't have, just like James.

Rosemary finally told him a couple of months after they married that she knew he was in love with Beth. She gave her consent for him to be with Beth. And though James protested half-heartedly, his respect for his wife grew.

The rest of their marriage had been peaceful. Rosemary became not only his wife, but also one of James' best friends. And before Rosemary died, she blessed his and Beth's daughter Lily Sundara, and begged him to tell his father that it was his and Rosemary's child, so that both Beth and Lily would live.

As Rosemary lay dying, James had sat by her side, holding her hand. He pleaded for Rosemary's forgiveness, asking her to forgive him for being a bad husband and making her sad, when she should have been happy.

Rosemary had laughed through her tears. "James," She had whispered, her voice thin and wobbly, "I love you. I always will. But I believe, like few do, that there is one person for us. Your soulmate is Beth, I can see the love you two hold for each other, and it soothes me. Life is a strange, cruel mistress. It seems that I was torn away from my Brendan so that you could find Beth. I know, deep in my heart, that I will see Brendan again, and I rejoice."

Rosemary died four days later.


"Kailey!" the sound of her father's voice sent chills down Kailey's spine. She dragged Jayden to his feet and shoved him under her bed. A key turned in the doors lock, and Kailey dropped onto her bed, her feet dangling in front of where Jayden lay.

"Gods, daughter, why was your door locked?" He questioned, waddling into her room. His shrewd gaze moved around her room, taking everything in. Kailey looked around for the bowl of water, and realized that by some miracle she had put her feet into the water.

"I was trying, Father, to relax. I've had a stressful day, you know. And you took my slave way, so I had to do everything myself." She complained, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

"Oh Kailey, don't whine. I can always get you another." Her father said, waving his hand dismissively.

"Easy for you to say, Father, you're not the one who has to train him to her every whim." Kailey said, her eyes shooting sparks.

Her father laughed and patted her shoulder. Kailey forced herself to hold her ground and keep smiling. She didn't want to act suspiciously. Her father needed to believe that she was offended that he had taken her slave from her and not that she had broken Jayden out of prison.

"Kailey," her father whispered, looking around her room as if he expected someone to jump out at any minute. "That worthless slave of yours broke out. We think that he may be after you."

Kailey forced herself to appear shocked. "What are you talking about, Father. Why would Jayden be after me?"

Kailey's fists clenched at the condescending look her father gave her. "It is your fault that Jason ended up in prison, Daughter."

"Jayden, Father," Kailey snapped.

"Whatever." Her father staggered to his feet and walked to the door. He paused and looked at her over his shoulder. "Be careful, Daughter. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

Kailey blinked, confused as her father walked out of the room. Had her father been warning her? Or had he been foreshadowing something malicious was coming her way? Whatever was coming she would be ready. She wasn't going to let anything happen to Jayden.

End of Chapter: A Game of Cat And Mouse

Next Chapter: Desperate Measures

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