(killing autumn)

forced words spew from her mouth
a tumult of emotions barrel through an unguarded mind
as unwanted life pounds in and out of an empty heart
and floods the veins
that keep her in this realm
she only wishes to be left alone.

pale skin, cold from
the endless nights that keep her from
marred with weeping battle wounds
won in a war (against herself)
of a thousand hopeless dreams dapple her flesh
she just wants to laugh again.

music plays softly in an empty room
trapped within walls screaming like those of a

their paint runs

while the shelves drip
teenage angst
she only hopes to feel again.

pressing a hand against the icy glass of a window
leading to the outside

she watches the sky grows dark
and the auburnleaves fall
on top of dead grass
in front of an empty home across the street
she just wants the sun to rise again.