Kara could hear the first forerunners of the storms as the rain beat against the windows. The fading sun cast and eerie glow through the stain glass window and trees whipped wildly around in the winds. She sat down in the large plush chair and pulled the blanket tight around herself, though it was the middle of summer. Her hands wrapped around the spine of a thick, paper back horror story. She heard the sound of her parent's driving off. They had been reluctant to leave when the news of strong storms had flashed across the TV screen, but had, in the end, decided it would be alright. Kara was nearly sixteen anyways.

She took a sip of her iced tea before finally settling down with the book. The sun was set behind the hills and the lamps in the room lit patches of glowing light. Thunder rumbled ominously and lighting gave a few warning flashes. Rain beat harder against the windowpanes, but Kara was already deeply submersed in the Vampire novel.

Thunder grew louder, roaring and shaking the house on it's very foundation, but she was engrossed in a desperate struggle between a mortal hunter and a thousand year old vampire. But her reading was abruptly cut off as lightning flashed and the lights promptly went out.

She glared out the window at the storm, angered that it dared to disrupt her night. Stumbling through the dark house, she made it to the kitchen an pulled out a heavy black flashlight. This was the times she wished they didn't leave so far away from any people or streetlights, though they would have most likely been out.

She reclaimed her perch in the chair and curled up, blanket wrapped around her like a cocoon. She watched how the lightning left jumbled shadows on the walls and burned after images of the room onto her eyes. Her green eyes became heavy, drooping into sleep. She let them close, a quick rest wouldn't hurt. But before she knew, she had fallen deep into sleep...

The door creaked open ominously and she jerked her head around, splashing her chestnut hair into her face. A black foot appeared in the door, followed by another, then a body. A man dressed in all black, looking suspiciously like how she had imagined the vampire from the book. He smiled with an evil gleam in his eyes, then walked forward. She tried to sink deeper into the plush cushions of her chair. His eyes drifted along the room, passing over her, seemingly not seeing.

Kara could feel her heart beating rapidly, trying to escape from her chest. She squeezed her eyes tight as the sounds of his booted feet drifted across the small space between. Then he laughed. The sound made her heart freeze, her hands shake, her breath to catch in her throat. She heard the screech of each step as he slowly scaled them with a deliberate slowness.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," he sang in a deceivingly sweet voice. One tear trekked down her face and fell to the blue chair. The grandfather clock on the opposite wall seemed to be glaring at her, pointing her out, accusing her of some unknown crime.

She could hear his steps overhead, walking through the rooms and banging the doors open with a ferocity that rivaled the thunder growling in rage that someone challenged him on his night. Shaking with fear, she slid out of the chair and walked as quietly as possible, her feet barely whispering under the storm, but she felt it was too loud.

The hardwood kitchen floor gleamed in front of her as she rushed towards it. She pulled open a drawer with reckless abandon and heard the steps above her head stop. Her hand locked around the black handle of a kitchen knife and she backed up against the stove. The stairs creaked again.

"I.....FOUND YA'!" he yelled as he jumped the last steps and turned to stare directly at her.

Her mouth was sandpaper and her heart beat like a humming bird. She noticed the oddest things; the way the lightning flashed and seemed to leave a permanent manic gleam in his eyes, the way his feet suddenly seemed noiseless on the floor, the incredible grace with which he moved, the uncontrollable shaking of her hands, the ragged gasps of breath she took to try to calm herself.

He was suddenly standing right in front of her, he reached down with a pale hand and pulled the knife out of her now limp grasp.

Condescendingly, he placed an arm on her shoulder and led her back to the chair. He sat her down and pulled up a hard back wood chair for himself. "I won't lie to you, this will hurt," he said with a cold, sadistic smile. He laid the flat of the cold blade against her cheek.

She could barely breathe. Her body was cold and her senses were jumbled and confused. Tears came stronger, finally, she passed out.

Kara jerked awake, the storm was moving away. She glanced at the clock on the hearth. 9:30. Her parents weren't expected home before 11:30. She sighed nad glanced around the room, still shaking the after-affects from her dream off. Everything seemed alright. Her eyes drifted to the chair behind her. There he was, smiling.

"I was beginning to think you would never wake up," he purred, then leapt to where he was crouching beside her. "Now, where were we?"

The thunder and rain drowned out her screams, and when her parent's returned, it seemed she had simply vanished. But, you always have to take care of the evidence...

***This is what happens when I listen to Bloody Valentine and A New Beginning Repeatedly. So much fun...***