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Chapter Six: Finale


In the evening twilight we settled into a forest where the trees' bark shimmered like steel, and hence tiny Mavelle had decreed this unknown land be called the Glen of Silverwood. We all approved.

Cook fires were lit, the land surveyed, the soil pronounced good for growing, the streams clear as crystal, and the wild fruits of the earth fine and succulent. It rippled into hills for a far distance, and was ringed by mountains, being a valley and unfavorable for human settlement. Only four hooves or elfish feet would find the forests easy to navigate, the picturesque landscape divine. Here we would build our home, Wolfhaven, named after the Lupines, the Lupines I'd thought of to send to dispatch the humans in the Forest of the Blackpine. I missed them, and unless they were recorded, they, like all else, would be forgotten.

Paris came to me in the night, and asked me, in the name of the heart I once had for him, to give away my opal and hooves, and to be an elf as I'd so wanted. He swore he'd love me, and I knew he meant it, just as I would mean it if I'd been the Epona of Oakrune. My sad eyes answered him, no, and yet I gave him my blessing to be happy with Alanna, may she gain some of his wisdom but none of his curiosity, lest another tragedy like his fascination with the humans come. I watched him depart for his intended, and some part of the burning died, so that it was no longer tormenting, but sweet and pure.

Kalevi, to whom I'd bestowed the warrior's bib of my father, and I, who'd found after long reveries my mother had forgiven me, sat for a long time by the fire, talking of dreams and aspirations for the uncertain future. We set out the plan for where a new inn would go, where the paddock for centaurs would be planted, and the memorial for those in Oakrune who'd perished well into the night until the skies became dull gray, just before the breaking dawn. He pushed the topic, ever so slightly, to the subject of descendants of the Glen of Silverwood, the next generation to come. I suppose this was his way of steering me into a very serious question.

"I love you," he confessed. "I don't know how it is possible to love someone after only a few weeks.but I love you, for you have done the impossible. I'm afraid, though, that you.do not love me, though. Paris was your constant companion in Oakrune."

"He was," I stated simply, "at Oakrune. This is Wolfhaven. You see the dawn?"

I pointed to the skies, being blushed with infant pink, by Khepera, god of the rising sun, Mother Night fading along with the final stars of morning.

"That is the dawn of a day. This is the dawn of an era. I will love you, Kalevi, and be happy with the form the gods gave me. For no matter what, prince or pauper, centaur or elf, outcast or obedient, bastard or beloved, I was a daughter of Oakrune. Together we will build it, and then I shall be a daughter of Wolfhaven, where no creature is judged by birth, and all shall be forgiven."

I looked down at the crumpled piece of paper Ardin had thrust into my hand. It was a list of other kingdoms, other elves and centaurs, in the South.

"One day we will join them, or they will join us, for this place and these few souls will not last long alone. One day, but for today." I smiled at him, and kissed his cheek.

"Wolfhaven is rising."


And so here my story ends, there is no more to tell
Thus I bid you onward, no longer here to dwell
May you be blessed with steady friends, who never say adieu,
And may you always remember, to thy self be true.


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