A/N: This is based on a dream I had, so don't kill me if it sounds funny.

The young man strode across the flora-covered ground, a shotgun slung over his shoulder. He heard a voice calling him and turned around. His cousin, Marian, was running toward him, a large yellow dog at her side. "Hey, Josh! Take him with you!" She yelled, jumping over a large clump of weeds and grass. The sound of barking and gunshots drew their attention to the east. A tall man, dressed in dark brown clothes passed by, dogs trailing behind him. "Oh, him again. He probably scared all the animals.
Hey, doesn't that guy work for that 'Trey Lockwood' person?"

 Marian looked at her cousin and laughed sarcastically. "That Trey Lockwood guy? Trey Lockwood just happens to be the richest, smartest, nicest single man in town! Hands down." She answered, rolling her eyes.
"But the guy is so serious! No one really knows him."
"Man, that guy is so lucky to work for him." Marian sighed. This time Joshua laughed.
"Oh, I hear that my Dad invited Lockwood to the lunch banquet tomorrow afternoon." Joshua stated, adjusting the gun on his shoulder. Marian's eyes opened wide and she gasped, placing her hands over her mouth.
"No way! This is awesome!"
Joshua snorted indifferently, and continued walking through the woods.

The next night found me helping my uncle prepare for the banquet. He was running through his speech one final time, sweating nervously.
"Now, Marian, your mother and father won't be back for another day, so I want you to be as perfect as you can." My uncle teased, adjusting his bow tie. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "You'll do fine, I know you will."
"Hey, you better go get dressed, kiddo!" He called, as I left the room. I laughed and waved before leaving the room. I came back a few moments later, dressed in a long, black formal dress that had long, airy sleeves. "How do I look?" I inquired, twirling. Uncle Brian laughed and folded his papers and put them in his suit jacket pocket. "Oh, watch for Trey Lockwood, okay?
"It's time to start, Marian. Go out into the dining room and mingle with the guests, please." He said, smoothing his hair. I left the room and entered the long, elegantly decorated room, filled with guests, all dressed formally. One guest in particular caught my attention, Trey Lockwood. His perfect brown-blond hair, his dashing smile. But if he was what Uncle Brian thought he really was, then it was a perfect shame. Trey Lockwood, a criminal? I walked over to a group of people that I was familiar with and started a conversation, mostly about trivial things. Before I knew it, Uncle Brian had walked up behind me and whispered in my ear. I nodded and walked up to the podium and cleared my throat.
"Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, this evening, we are here tonight to honor Brian McDale, a police officer in the Third Corps. Ladies and gentleman, Brian McDale!" I announced, clapping. Uncle Brian swallowed nervously and turned slighty red, then took my place at the podium. "Good evening. Tonight I'd like to speak a little bit about our fair city and how we can keep our crime levels down....."
I listened intently as Uncle Brian captivated the audience's attention. A tap on my shoulder drew my attention. I turned left, and found Trey Lockwood standing beside me. "Mr. Lockwood, good evening!" I whispered. He smiled and leaned down a little.
"Oh, please call me Trey." He replied, his voice soft and soothing. I bit my lip nervously.
"Oh, don't be nervous, Marian. I'm just here to congratulate you on your introduction." He said. I gave him a look of incredulity.
"How do you know my name?" I inquired, a little unbelieving that this was happening.
"Oh, Marian, I don't know of anyone who hasn't read on of your articles."
I noticed that my uncle had nearly finished his speech, and that the other guests had started clapping. I joined softly, not wishing to overdo it.
"Marian," Trey said again, leaning down. "Will you join me for dinner?"
"Oh, I don't think I can. My parents are out of town, and my relatives are visiting."
"Well, if it would make you feel better, bring your uncle and cousin with you."
I looked over at my uncle, who was standing nearby, and had been listening politely to the conversation. He nodded briefly and gave me a look that said 'This could be our only chance to find out.'
"I suppose we could." I replied. Trey laughed.
"Good. Dinner will be served at seven sharp. I will be glad to give you a tour afterwards, if you wish."
I simply nodded and smiled. Trey shook my hand and then my uncle's, and left quickly. As soon as Trey was out of earshot, my uncle whispered in my ear.
"Marian, be careful of this man. If he tries to do anything to you, just press this button and I'll be there immediately." Uncle Brian said, handing me a small black device that was about two centimeters around.
"Thank you, Uncle Brian." I stated, pinning it to a concealed place on my dress.

Later that evening.......

"Trey, your home is lovely!" I remarked, as I paused to look at an elegant painting on the chestnut colored wall. He linked his arm with mine and smiled. Oh, that smile.... It made me go weak at the knees.
"Thank you, Marian. But it is nothing compared to you." He replied. A stray hair fell from the bun at the top of my head, and he swept it behind my ear with his gloved hand. In doing so, his hand accidentally brushed my skin, and I flinched slightly.
"Shall we continue?" He inquired, motioning with his hand. I smiled and nodded, gracefully falling into step with him. We continued through his large mansion, and the entire time, I was looking for anything that didn't fit in right. Finally, something didn't. Mounted on the wall was a small black pistol. "Do you collect guns, Trey?" I asked, indicating the gun.
"Oh, not really. My father used it in the Vietnam War, and I'm keeping it as a sort of a souvenir." He replied nonchalantly.
"Ah, I see." I made a mental note to remember where it was in case I needed it. I mentally ran through the list of things that Uncle Brian told me to look for. He said that criminal they were looking for had a freckle on the back of his left ear. I whirled to face him and walked around the room, until I was at his back.
"Oh, Trey, hold still for a moment, the tag of your suit jacket is sticking out." I lied, pretending to tuck it in while I looked at his ear. Yes, he had a freckle on his ear lobe. "Why does he have to be like this?" I asked myself, shocked and disbelieving. "Anyone can have a freckle on their ear!" I protested inwardly. I quickly crossed the room to the wall where the pistol was mounted. I discreetly took it down and slid it behind my back, then nodded at my host when he asked whether we should continue on. I quickly cocked the gun, hoping that it was still loaded. It was. Before you could say what-on-earth, I had it levelled at Trey's head. "I wouldn't step any farther, Mr. Lockwood." I warned him, my voice steely. He turned and smiled smugly. "Is this a joke, Marian?" He inquired, stepping towards me.
"You already know the answer to that." I replied, also taking a step forward.
"Put the gun down, my dear." His voice was still soft, but it was now cold. He turned as if to run, and I fired the gun, aiming for his arm. Unbelievable! The bullet bounced off. I tried again. And again. Trey turned and grinned. He took his suit jacket off and threw it on the couch, then rolled up his sleeves.

"It doesn't have to be this way, you know." He said, the grin replaced by an inscrutable emotion. He stepped closer and closer until his face was inches from mine and leaning ever closer. I slapped him just before our lips touched, and he stepped back, his eyes narrowed.

 "Enough is enough, Marian." And before I could stop him, he grabbed my arms and wrenched them behind my back.
"Trey, you're hurting me." I said, wincing in pain.
"Oh, I'm sorry. Is that better?" He inquired, tightening his grip. I sighed and submitted. He took the gun from my hand and pointed it at my head.
"Try anything and you will die. Is that clear?" He growled. I nodded and let him drag me along the floor. He was holding me in a position that I could easily rub my arm against the button concealed on my dress. I did so, and heard a satisfying click. By that time, Trey had kicked open the door leading to an office. He dropped me into a chair and quickly locked the doors leading out.
"So, what are you going to do with me, eh?" I inquired angrily, rubbing my arms. He smiled again, sending chills up my spine. He took the gun and took out the clip of ammo, and placed it in his pocket. " I thought you might want to know that I have a group of mercenaries waiting throughout the house. Don't try anything."
I rose from the chair, hoping that my plan would work. I doubted it, though.
"You know, my uncle knows about you. If you let me go, I could be willing to just forget about all this. " I said, coating my voice with all the sweetness I could manage. He seemed to be thinking, because his face softened and his eyebrows curled down.
"Yes, you're right." He replied, taking my hand. It was all I could do not to shudder. He continued holding my hand as he led me out of the room, and down the long corridor. I discreetly clicked the comm given me by Uncle Brian and it beeped softly, but it was loud enough that Trey heard it.
"What was that?" He demanded, almost angrily.
I began to stutter. "I didn't hear anything." He pulled my left arm behind my back, gently at first, but continued until it began to hurt.
"Don't lie to me, girl. I've been patient with you for long enough." He hissed in my ear, again dragging me toward a door, where I knew, he would lock me in and kill me unless I did something, and it would have to be soon. As soon as he had opened the door, he brought his hand up, this time with a cloth covered in chloroform. Uncaring, I bit his hand as hard as I could, hoping he would let go. He did. "Ahh!" He exclaimed. I grinned for a moment, but my victory was short-lived. The chloroform-covered cloth that Trey had in his hand had apparently been quite steeped in the stuff, because I was beginning to lose consciousness. My mind swam with pain and it was all I could do to keep myself conscious long enough to cry out. "Help! Uncle Brian!" I called desperately, before everything went black.

Pain. It was all I remembered. I heard voices and smelled ammonia. Everything was hazy and bright as I opened my eyes. I heard my uncle's voice and realized that I was laying some kind of divan. "Marian! Oh, thank goodness!" He exclaimed. I smiled weakly tried to sit up, but strong hands pushed me down. "We've called an ambulance."
"An ambulance? I don't need an ambulance" I protested, trying to speak clearly
Uncle Brian smiled and chuckled. "Chloroform, Marian. There was enough chloroform in that to knock out a grown man for several hours. You were out for about seventy-five minutes, record time for anyone."
I heard sirens somewhere outside the house and sighed as I heard them come rushing in through the doors.


A/N: This is all that happened in my dream, there is nothing more to the story! Actually, there was more, but I really don't want to put it in, because it would sound really cheesy and VERY out of character from me! My friends would kill me if I put it in!