i won't open my vest
exposing my chest to potential holes
being blown through my back
unless it's for someone i trust
i'm doped and distressed
depressed and holding high hopes of success
already blown most of my chances
what's left is less than second glances
no respect just a failure
god damn the future's looking so pale here
out of how many thousands do enough
to be moving up when too few end up losing out
i wonder how many collegues i'll be keeping behind
how many, if any will be affected
when i stack up all my chips against them
i'm bent on revenge,
but there isn't much that can be done from where i stand

i'll flip the switch on all those mother fuckers
rich bitches with shit to bitch about
walk up in my business and start mixing with my woman
guilt and manipulation
you sick piece of shit
anyone with common sense
wishes wicked shit that you can never forget
you're sick and a detriment to everyone
i sure as hell don't wanna be the one out for a drive
you hit when you finally find
the courage inside to commit suicide
i encourage it, but not in public
go ahead, kill yourself in your basement
take a faceplant from your roof to the pavement
6 inch blades make for great vein drainers
make a statement bleeding to death in your misery
i consider you an enemy so don't expect sympathy
not one person would be missing you
quit your bitching and just finish yourself
i tried to help, so did everyone else
you're not worth the trouble anymore
so go end it before your "feelings" hurt anymore

i'm fucking sick of other people's shit
i'm willing to hold up my friends
and in turn they do the same
i don't need arrogance from strangers
being thrown at me from every direction
ignorant, vain shitheads
all create their own clouded reality
don't fucking patronize me
i'm ten times the man you always wanted to be
i'm only 17 and i'm dealing with shit you've yet to see
i'm keeping my shit real
realistic dreams of simply living comfortably
what more do i need than to be happy?
greedy rich people think they need everything
crying to mommy when they want something
they can't buy with their money
get shot and robbed, try working overtime to make ends meet
never buy anything special
see a hard dose of the world
maybe then we can all
stop tossing all our problems off on someone else
maybe we really need to tip the scales
create a balanced balance
of lower income families
and those that have more bling than can be worn in a day
i've been saving up for a week to go see a movie
i know some don't even get that luxury
i do know however many celebrities earn more than some countries
this system's pathetic
i guess it's human nature,
but i'm embarrassed to be of this species