i hate fucking posers
smoking dope with known stoners
using excuses to fit in with cool groups
bruised due to their own abuse
or cutting up to draw blood in plain view
it's an insult to those with real problems
feeling bad about living his life so fucking well
instead of helping someone else out
they sit in their 6 million dollar house crying wolf
sleeping soundly at night all the while
he's bragging about how much
he cries when he's all alone
claims he hates the world
when it's really people like his own family
that keep poor people from making a decent salary
coward can't stand standing out
has to plan it out around having it all
and making simple shit they have to deal with seem hard
and not easy at all
turn off the lies,
stop trying to fight poltergists
that rely on a lack of light
sooner or later
even stupid people hate finding out you're a faker.
see the sun change in the games you play,
blame the face you change
every day to accomodate to
the very people who see through you
and wanna make you feel a lot of pain
the way you'd like to be seen as being able to take