how the fuck can they wonder
why i felt small and had to stand up for myself
cause no one was there when i'd fall
calling out but the others just watched me suffer
now i'm sadistic, head filled with pictures
killing and beating people senseless
i got visions of sticking fingers in blenders
and hearing them screaming defenseless
"cut it out! we're friends Kris!"
what the hell am i thinking
i know i'm sick and evil
but jesus ignored me
and my mom wanted to control me
never hold me but still told me what to do
very few people saw a human in me
no one gave a shit what they did was affecting the kid
fucking step mom screaming at dad
the once a fucking month he gets to see his kids
piss him off so he can't come in and visit
stupid bitch, you broke up anyway
way to take away my only caring family member
whatever happenned is over
i don't know why i'm asked such stupid questions
i feel small and useless cause i've tried hard
and got nowhere through it
i learnt never to expect anything
no matter how much effort is put in
but i never applied it to my future
until this year when again
i have to outsource for upliftement
you wanna know why i'm hurt?
i'm poor, alone and have no talent
it's not so bad but don't ask
me any more fucking questions