"don't talk, or think, quit being negative
kris what's your problem?
why won't you listen?
stop talking nonesense,
drop it, you've got no defense"
well if that's not enough to insult my intelligence
i get more condescending questions
every minute i'm home,
if it's not my bitch sister,
it's my mom's attempt to start being a coherant parent
my enemies fight to get yeses from as many extra
people twisting my words like braids in tresses
whatever gets me stressing
that's what gets brought up
talkin to people that don't fucking know me
"place your bets everyone
lets make kris wanna jump off a bridge
right into the red river
winner gets the right to claim perfect prediction
of his bitch pushin him over the edge"
fuck what you heard
i hope you burn for eternity
noone knows me,
so don't think you can show me who i am
i'm losing my grip, my mind slips through my hands
when i'm grabbing my forehead wishin for death
you people making assumptions
don't fucking judge me and my lover
don't talk shit to me like i don't understand
i don't have downe syndrome
i just have my own opinion
i'm proud i think for myself
that's all i have right now
i'm fucking broke and restless
trying all the time to impress you
but what's the use when you wish i was different
might as well throw my personality right in your face
maybe you'll see through my fake happiness
see me for me, and not trying to lie and pretend
to keep me from being patronized once again